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Treatment for lateral patellar impingement syndrome with arthroscopic lateral patelloplasty: a bidirectional cohort study

Anterior knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints of young patients. We notice that some patients had normal femoral trochlear, medial and lateral patellar retinaculum, and special patellar morphology, which resulted in a series of symptoms in the flexion of the knee due to the impingement of the lateral articular surface of the patella with the femur. We ...

Solving the muon g-2 anomaly within the NMSSM from generalized deflected AMSB

We propose to realize the (natural) NMSSM spectrum from deflected AMSB with new messenger-matter interactions. With additional messenger-matter interactions involving \( \mathbf{10}\oplus \overline{\mathbf{10}} \) representation messengers, the muon g-2 anomaly can be solved at 2σ (or 3σ) level with the corresponding gluino mass range 2.8 TeV < \( {m}_{\tilde{g}} \) < 5.4 TeV (or ...

Tet protein function during Drosophila development

National Institutes of Health (2R01 GM089992 and 1 R01 GM120405-01). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Fei Wang, Ruth Steward. Data curation: Fei Wang. Formal analysis: Fei Wang, Svetlana Minakhina ... , Hiep Tran, Joseph Kramer. Funding acquisition: Ruth Steward. Investigation: Fei Wang, Svetlana Minakhina, Hiep Tran, Joseph Kramer. Methodology: Fei Wang, Svetlana Minakhina, Hiep Tran, Neha Changela

Design of the smart home system based on the optimal routing algorithm and ZigBee network

support. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Dengying Jiang. Data curation: Ling Yu. Formal analysis: Fei Wang. Funding acquisition: Dengying Jiang. Methodology: Dengying Jiang, Ling Yu, Fei Wang ... , Yongsheng Yu. Writing ± original draft: Ling Yu, Fei Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Dengying Jiang, Xiaoxia Xie, Yongsheng Yu. 14 / 15 1. Liyanage CDS , Chamin M , Iskandar MP . State of the art of smart

The 15N-leucine single-injection method allows for determining endogenous losses and true digestibility of amino acids in cecectomized roosters

, Junhu Yao. Project administration: Rujiu Hu, Jing Li, Fei Wang. Resources: Rujiu Hu, Jing Li, Fei Wang, Junhu Yao. Supervision: Junhu Yao. Writing ± original draft: Rujiu Hu. Writing ± review

The influences of walking, running and stair activity on knee articular cartilage: Quantitative MRI using T1 rho and T2 mapping

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Meng Chen, Lin Qiu, Fei Wang, Sirun Liu. Data curation: Meng Chen, Cici Zhang. Formal analysis: Meng Chen, Lin Qiu, Si Shen, Jing Zhang, Sirun Liu. Investigation ... : Fei Wang, Sirun Liu. Methodology: Meng Chen, Lin Qiu, Si Shen, Jing Zhang, Sirun Liu. Project administration: Sirun Liu. Resources: Sirun Liu. Software: Jing Zhang. Supervision: Lin Qiu, Fei Wang

Desert soil clay content estimation using reflectance spectroscopy preprocessed by fractional derivative

Zhang, Wei Liu. Resources: Tashpolat Tiyip, Dong Zhang, Fei Wang, Nigara Tashpolat. Writing ± review & editing: Jingzhe Wang, Tashpolat Tiyip, Dong Zhang. 16 / 19 17 / 19 18 / 19 1. Viscarra Rossel RA

The S-wave resonance contributions in the \(B^{0}_{s}\) decays into \(\psi (2S,3S)\) plus pion pair

The three-body decays \(B^0_s \rightarrow \psi (2S,3S) \pi ^+ \pi ^-\) are studied based on the perturbative QCD approach. With the help of the nonperturbative two-pion distribution amplitudes, the analysis is simplified into the quasi-two-body processes. Besides the traditional factorizable and nonfactorizable diagrams at the leading order, the next-to-leading order vertex ...

Identification of high-confidence RNA regulatory elements by combinatorial classification of RNA–protein binding sites

Crosslinking immunoprecipitation sequencing (CLIP-seq) technologies have enabled researchers to characterize transcriptome-wide binding sites of RNA-binding protein (RBP) with high resolution. We apply a soft-clustering method, RBPgroup, to various CLIP-seq datasets to group together RBPs that specifically bind the same RNA sites. Such combinatorial clustering of RBPs helps ...

Numerical simulation study on monoblock casting process of ultra-slender structural components and experimental validation

-dong Zeng, Hao Sun, Jia-yun Chen , and Xian-fei Wang Shanghai Spaceflight Precision Machinery Institute , Shanghai 201600 , China Substrate, a typical ultra-slender aluminum alloy structural components

China’s family planning policies and their labor market consequences

China initiated its family planning policy in 1962 and its one-child policy in 1980, and it allowed all couples to have two children as of 1 January 2016. This paper systematically examines the labor market consequences of China’s family planning policies. First, we briefly review the historical evolution of China’s family planning policies and the existing literature. Second, we ...

The prognostic value of interleukin-17 in lung cancer: A systematic review with meta-analysis based on Chinese patients

. Methodology: Chuan-yong Mu, Yan-bin Chen. Resources: Wei Lei, Ye-han Zhu. 11 / 14 Software: Xiao-fei Wang, Yi-tong Zhu. Supervision: Jian-an Huang. Validation: Chuan-yong Mu, Yan-bin Chen. Visualization ... : Jia-jia Wang, Da-xiong Zeng. Writing ± original draft: Xiao-fei Wang, Yi-tong Zhu. Writing ± review & editing: Xiao-fei Wang, Yi-tong Zhu, Wei Lei, Ye-han Zhu. 12 / 14 16. Muranski P, Boni A, Antony

Socio-economic development and emotion-health connection revisited: a multilevel modeling analysis using data from 162 counties in China

Background Substantial research has shown that emotions play a critical role in physical health. However, most of these studies were conducted in industrialized countries, and it is still an open question whether the emotion-health connection is a “first-world problem”. Methods In the current study, we examined socio-economic development’s influence on emotion-health connection by ...

High-Efficient Excitation-Independent Blue Luminescent Carbon Dots

Blue luminescent carbon dots (CDs) were synthesized by the hydrothermal method. Blue-shifts of the maximum emission wavelength from 480 to 443 nm were observed when the concentration of CD solution decreased. The photoluminescence (PL) spectra of CDs at low concentration showed an excitation-independent behaviour, which is very different from the previous reports. Two different ...

Pure laparoscopic radical resection for type IIIa hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Liu, De-fei Hong , Zhi-fei Wang, Zhi-ming Hu, Dong-shen Huang, Min-jie Shang , and Wei-feng Yao have no conflict of interest or financial ties to disclose Background Pure laparoscopic radical resection

Epidural spinal angiolipoma: a case series

Background Spinal angiolipomas (SAL) are rare benign tumors, commonly presenting with slow progressive spinal cord compression. There are only about 170 cases identified so far. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become the modality of choice for SAL. The purpose of this article is to report three cases of SAL and their characteristic MRI features. Case presentation Three cases ...

The error prediction of inventory reconciliation during storage and transportation process based on PLS and MFOA-LSSVM

Process optimization and fault diagnosis technology, which is represented by production process monitoring, design and production condition adjustment, play an important role in the modern petroleum industry. Accurate inventory reconciliation model is the basis of process optimization and fault diagnosis. To eliminate the impact of the inventory reconciliation error caused by ...

Low probability of intercept-based adaptive radar waveform optimization in signal-dependent clutter for joint radar and cellular communication systems

In this paper, we investigate the problem of low probability of intercept (LPI)-based adaptive radar waveform optimization in signal-dependent clutter for joint radar and cellular communication systems, where the radar system optimizes the transmitted waveform such that the interference caused to the cellular communication systems is strictly controlled. Assuming that the precise ...

The complete mitochondrial genome of Sesarmops sinensis reveals gene rearrangements and phylogenetic relationships in Brachyura

Mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) is very important to understand molecular evolution and phylogenetics. Herein, in this study, the complete mitogenome of Sesarmops sinensis was reported. The mitogenome was 15,905 bp in size, and contained 13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), two ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes, 22 transfer RNA (tRNA) genes, and a control region (CR). The AT skew and the GC ...

Radiative natural SUSY spectrum from deflected AMSB scenario with messenger-matter interactions

A radiative natural SUSY spectrum are proposed in the deflected anomaly mediation scenario with general messenger-matter interactions. Due to the contributions from the new interactions, positive slepton masses as well as a large |A t | term can naturally be obtained with either sign of deflection parameter and few messenger species (thus avoid the possible Landau pole problem). In ...