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Ultra-low noise optical injection locking amplifier with AOM-based coherent detection scheme

, 201800, ChinaZitong Feng, Fei Yang, Xi Zhang, Dijun Chen, Fang Wei, Yanguang Sun & Haiwen CaiKey Laboratory for Quantum Optics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science ... • Google Scholar Search for Fei Yang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Xi Zhang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Dijun Chen in:Nature Research

Prediction of Surface Roughness and Optimization of Cutting Parameters of Stainless Steel Turning Based on RSM

The turning test of stainless steel was carried out by using the central composite surface design of response surface method (RSM) and Taguchi design method of central combination design. The influence of cutting parameters (cutting speed, feed rate, and cutting depth) on the surface roughness was analyzed. The surface roughness prediction model was established based on the...

A New Control Method for Second-Order Multiple Models Control System Based on Global Sliding Mode

This paper proposed a finite time convergence global sliding mode control scheme for the second-order multiple models control system. Firstly, the global sliding surface without reaching law for a single model control system is designed and the tracking error finite time convergence and global stability are proved. Secondly, we generalize the above scheme to the second-order...

A Finite and Instantaneous Screw Based Approach for Topology Design and Kinematic Analysis of 5-Axis Parallel Kinematic Machines

/static/dynamic modeling, analysis and optimal design of parallel mechanisms under framework of screw theory, orthopedics medical robot. Tel: +86‑22‑87402015; E‑mail: . Shuo‑Fei Yang, born in 1988, is

The development of the own-race advantage in school-age children: A morphing face paradigm

, the child participants and their parents for joining the study. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sarina Hui-Lin Chien. Data curation: Chu-Lik Tai, Shu-Fei Yang. Formal analysis: Sarina Hui ... -Lin Chien, Shu-Fei Yang. Funding acquisition: Sarina Hui-Lin Chien. Investigation: Chu-Lik Tai. Methodology: Sarina Hui-Lin Chien, Chu-Lik Tai, Shu-Fei Yang. Project administration: Sarina Hui-Lin

Research on compression-rod lock–release mechanism with large load for space manipulator

With the development of Chinese space station, the space manipulator with large load plays a more and more important role. At the same time, the lock–release mechanism for the space manipulator must be reliable. In this study, the locking point layout method was proposed according to the size and the structure of the space manipulator, and the number and the position of the lock...

Interference with DNA repair after ionizing radiation by a pyrrole-imidazole polyamide

acknowledge the UCLA CNSI Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Shared Resource Facility, the UCLA Center for System Biomedicine Facility. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Fei Yang, Nicolas T. Kummer ... , Peter B. Dervan, Nicholas G. Nickols. Data curation: Silvia Diaz-Perez, Nathanael Kane, Alexis A. Kurmis, Fei Yang, Nicolas T. Kummer. 9 / 11 Formal analysis: Silvia Diaz-Perez, Alexis A. Kurmis, Fei

Optimization of the prescription isodose line for Gamma Knife radiosurgery using the shot within shot technique

This work explores how the choice of prescription isodose line (IDL) affects the dose gradient, target coverage, and treatment time for Gamma Knife radiosurgery when a smaller shot is encompassed within a larger shot at the same stereotactic coordinates (shot within shot technique). Beam profiles for the 4, 8, and 16 mm collimator settings were extracted from the treatment...

Effects of chitosan inhibitor on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of 2205 duplex stainless steel

The effects of chitosan inhibitor on the corrosion behavior of 2205 duplex stainless steel were studied by electrochemical measurements, immersion tests, and stereology microscopy. The influences of immersion time, temperature, and chitosan concentration on the corrosion inhibition performance of chitosan were investigated. The optimum parameters of water-soluble chitosan on the...

Targeted inhibition of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase impairs cell proliferation, survival, and invasion in colon cancer

Targeted inhibition of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase impairs cell proliferation, survival, and invasion in colon cancer Fei Yang,1,* Jun-Yi Gao,2,* Hua Chen,1 Zhen-Hua Du,1 Xue-Qun Zhang,3 Wei Gao4

Assessing the oseltamivir-induced resistance risk and implications for influenza infection control strategies

Assessing the oseltamivir-induced resistance risk and implications for influenza infection control strategies Nan-Hung Hsieh,1 Yi-Jun Lin,2 Ying-Fei Yang,2 Chung-Min Liao2 1Department of Veterinary

Evolving Resilient Back-Propagation Algorithm for Energy Efficiency Problem

Energy efficiency is one of our most economical sources of new energy. When it comes to efficient building design, the computation of the heating load (HL) and cooling load (CL) is required to determine the specifications of the heating and cooling equipment. The objective of this paper is to model heating load and cooling load buildings using neural networks in order to predict...

Establishment of a somatic embryo regeneration system and expression analysis of somatic embryogenesis-related genes in Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima Blume)

Somatic embryogenesis is a reliable and important tool, and the relevant genes controlling this process act as vital roles through the whole development of somatic embryos. However, regeneration via somatic embryogenesis in Chinese chestnut has been impeded and its molecular mechanism is not known. Therefore, firstly we described a protocol for somatic embryo initiation...

Clinicopathological significance and potential drug target of CDH1 in breast cancer: a meta-analysis and literature review

Clinicopathological significance and potential drug target of CDH1 in breast cancer: a meta-analysis and literature review Ruixue Huang,* Ping Ding,* Fei Yang*Department of Occupational and

A hybrid splitting method for smoothing Tikhonov regularization problem

In this paper, a hybrid splitting method is proposed for solving a smoothing Tikhonov regularization problem. At each iteration, the proposed method solves three subproblems. First of all, two subproblems are solved in a parallel fashion, and the multiplier associated to these two block variables is updated in a rapid sequence. Then the third subproblem is solved in the sense of...

Substance P Promotes the Proliferation, but Inhibits Differentiation and Mineralization of Osteoblasts from Rats with Spinal Cord Injury via RANKL/OPG System

Spinal cord injury (SCI) causes a significant amount of bone loss, which results in osteoporosis (OP). The neuropeptide substance P (SP) and SP receptors may play important roles in the pathogenesis of OP after SCI. To identify the roles of SP in the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell derived osteoblasts (BMSC-OB) in SCI rats, we investigated the expression of neurokinin-1...

Improved thermal design methodology for wind power converters

design. Fei YANG was born in China , in 1975 . He received the B .E. degree in Mechanical Manufacture and Technology from Southwest Jiaotong University in 1998 , and the M.E. degree in Engineering

Effects of cumulus cell removal time during in vitro fertilization on embryo quality and pregnancy outcomes: a prospective randomized sibling-oocyte study

Background To investigate whether cumulus cell removal after a 3 h co-incubation of gametes can affect the outcomes of in vitro fertilization. Methods A prospective randomized sibling-oocyte study was performed in which sibling oocytes obtained from each patient were randomly assigned to either a 3 h or 20 h group (cumulus cells removed at 3 h or 20 h after insemination...