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Experimental feasibility of spectral photon-counting computed tomography with two contrast agents for the detection of endoleaks following endovascular aortic repair

, Felix K. Kopp, Loic Boussel, Franz Pfeiffer, Ernst J. Rummeny, Philippe Douek and Peter B. Noël) declare no conflict of interest. Statistics and biometry for this paper. No complex statistical methods

Is multidetector CT-based bone mineral density and quantitative bone microstructure assessment at the spine still feasible using ultra-low tube current and sparse sampling?

Objective Osteoporosis diagnosis using multidetector CT (MDCT) is limited to relatively high radiation exposure. We investigated the effect of simulated ultra-low-dose protocols on in-vivo bone mineral density (BMD) and quantitative trabecular bone assessment. Materials and methods Institutional review board approval was obtained. Twelve subjects with osteoporotic vertebral...

Effect of Low-Dose MDCT and Iterative Reconstruction on Trabecular Bone Microstructure Assessment

We investigated the effects of low-dose multi detector computed tomography (MDCT) in combination with statistical iterative reconstruction algorithms on trabecular bone microstructure parameters. Twelve donated vertebrae were scanned with the routine radiation exposure used in our department (standard-dose) and a low-dose protocol. Reconstructions were performed with filtered...