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Genetic variations at 8q24 and gastric cancer susceptibility: A meta-analysis study

File. PRISMA 2009 checklist. (DOC) S3 File. Database 1. (MYD) S4 File. Database 2. (FRM) Author Contributions Data curation: Pengke Zhi, Jian Shi, Feng Liu. Formal analysis: Pengke Zhi. Resources

Vitamin C plus hydrogel facilitates bone marrow stromal cell-mediated endometrium regeneration in rats

Lixiang Liu 2 Feng Liu 0 Yuqing Chen 2 0 Key Laboratory of Gene Engineering of the Ministry of Education, State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, Institute of Healthy Aging Research, School of Life Sciences

Study on the interaction of paeoniflorin with human serum albumin (HSA) by spectroscopic and molecular docking techniques

The interaction of paeoniflorin with human serum albumin (HSA) was investigated using fluorescence, UV–vis absorption, circular dichroism (CD) spectra and molecular docking techniques under simulative physiological conditions. The results clarified that the fluorescence quenching of HSA by paeoniflorin was a static quenching process and energy transfer as a result of a newly formed ...

iTRAQ-based comparative proteomic analysis provides insights into somatic embryogenesis in Gossypium hirsutum L.

Key message iTRAQ based proteomic identified key proteins and provided new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying somatic embryogenesis in cotton. Abstract Somatic embryogenesis, which involves cell dedifferentiation and redifferentiation, has been used as a model system for understanding molecular events of plant embryo development in vitro. In this study, we performed ...

Multi-AGV path planning with double-path constraints by using an improved genetic algorithm

Conceptualization: Zengliang Han, Dongqing Wang. Data curation: Zengliang Han, Zhiyong Zhao. Writing ± original draft: Zengliang Han, Dongqing Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Dongqing Wang, Feng Liu. 14 / 16 15

Modelling saliency attention to predict eye direction by topological structure and earth mover’s distance

Peng, Wei Liu. Methodology: Longsheng Wei, Feng Liu. Project administration: Longsheng Wei, Jian Peng. Resources: Longsheng Wei. Software: Longsheng Wei. Supervision: Jian Peng, Feng Liu. Validation

Relationships between and formation dynamics of the microbiota of consumers, producers, and the environment in an abalone aquatic system

on 149 pairs of data points from the abalone seed-nursing system samples. (TIF) S1 Table. Statistics of sample reads. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jing-Zhe Jiang, Guang-Feng Liu ... . Methodology: Jing-Zhe Jiang, Wang Zhao, Guang-Feng Liu. Project administration: Jing-Zhe Jiang, Jiang-Yong Wang. Resources: Wang Zhao, Guang-Feng Liu, Jiang-Yong Wang. Supervision: Jiang-Yong Wang. Validation

Biochemical composition of the Australasian sea cucumber, Australostichopus mollis, from a nutritional point of view

Background Sea cucumbers are highly prized seafood in Asia, where the demand for them has increased dramatically in recent years. However, nutritional information is only available for only a few of the commercially traded species. Methods In this study, the biochemical composition of the sea cucumber Australostichopus mollis was evaluated in terms of the major functional ...

Design and Dynamic Model of a Frog-inspired Swimming Robot Powered by Pneumatic Muscles

Laboratory of Robotics and System, Harbin Institute of Technology , Harbin 150080 , China 1 & Gang-Feng Liu 2 Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China , Grant No. 51675124 Pneumatic muscles ... currently a professor and a PhD candidate supervisor at State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, Harbin Institute of Technology, China. E-mail: Gang-Feng Liu, born in 1980, is currently a lecturer at

Dye-based mito-thermometry and its application in thermogenesis of brown adipocytes

(Cannon and Nedergaard 2004) . Tao-Rong Xie and Chun-Feng Liu have contributed equally to this work. Sympathetic neurotransmitter norepinephrine (NE) can mobilize free fatty acids stored in lipid ... with Ethical Standards Conflict of interest Tao-Rong Xie, Chun-Feng Liu, Jian-Sheng Kang declare that they have no conflict of interest. Human and Animal Rights and Informed Consent All institutional

Common and distinct regulation of human and mouse brown and beige adipose tissues: a promising therapeutic target for obesity

Obesity, which underlies various metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, is a growing public health challenge for which established therapies are inadequate. Given the current obesity epidemic, there is a pressing need for more novel therapeutic strategies that will help adult individuals to manage their weight. One promising therapeutic intervention for reducing obesity is to ...

Architecture mode, sedimentary evolution and controlling factors of deepwater turbidity channels: A case study of the M Oilfield in West Africa

Turbidity channels have been considered as one of the important types of deepwater reservoir, and the study of their architecture plays a key role in efficient development of an oil field. To better understand the reservoir architecture of the lower Congo Basin M oilfield, semi-quantitative–quantitative study on turbidity channel depositional architecture patterns in the middle to ...

Temperature evolution and grain defect formation during single crystal solidification of a blade cluster

In order to investigate the asymmetry of thermal conditions during directional solidification, the temperature evolution and correspondingly developed undercooling in a simplified single crystal blade cluster were numerically simulated. Simulation results demonstrate that the temperature distribution at the blade platforms is obviously asymmetrical. On the outside of the blade ...

Extreme low dose of 5-fluorouracil reverses MDR in cancer by sensitizing cancer associated fibroblasts and down-regulating P-gp

), Feng Liu; 2. National Nature Science Foundation of China (81403109) , Yan Ma 2 Division of Molecular Pharmaceutics, Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of ... resistant tumors. Acknowledgments Dr. Feng Liu passed away before the submission of the final version of this manuscript. Yan Ma accepts responsibility for the integrity and validity of the data collected

Kinetics of transcription initiation directed by multiple cis-regulatory elements on the glnAp2 promoter

Transcription initiation is orchestrated by dynamic molecular interactions, with kinetic steps difficult to detect. Utilizing a hybrid method, we aim to unravel essential kinetic steps of transcriptional regulation on the glnAp2 promoter, whose regulatory region includes two enhancers (sites I and II) and three low-affinity sequences (sites III-V), to which the transcriptional ...

Case study of 3D fingerprints applications

Human fingers are 3D objects. More information will be provided if three dimensional (3D) fingerprints are available compared with two dimensional (2D) fingerprints. Thus, this paper firstly collected 3D finger point cloud data by Structured-light Illumination method. Additional features from 3D fingerprint images are then studied and extracted. The applications of these features ...

Rectally administered indomethacin to prevent post-ESWL-pancreatitis (RIPEP): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Pancreatic extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (P-ESWL) is the first-line therapy for large pancreatic duct stones. Although it is a highly effective and safe procedure for the fragmentation of pancreatic stones, it is still not complication-free. Just like endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), pancreatitis is the most common complication. To date, nonsteroidal ...

Cost-effectiveness of sorafenib versus SBRT for unresectable advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

Objective Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) has been shown to improve overall survival in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. This study aimed to assess the cost-effectiveness of SBRT compared to sorafenib which is the only drug for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. Methods A Markov decision-analytic model was performed to compare the cost-effectiveness of SBRT ...

Comprehensive N-Glycan Profiling of Cetuximab Biosimilar Candidate by NP-HPLC and MALDI-MS

Monitoring glycosylation of the mAbs have been emphasized and routinely characterized in biopharmaceutical industries because the carbohydrate components are closely related to the safety, efficacy, and consistency of the antibodies. In this study, the comprehensive glycan profiling of a biosimilar candidate of cetuximab was successfully characterized using Normal phase ...

A genetic algorithm-based weighted ensemble method for predicting transposon-derived piRNAs

Background Predicting piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA) is an important topic in the small non-coding RNAs, which provides clues for understanding the generation mechanism of gamete. To the best of our knowledge, several machine learning approaches have been proposed for the piRNA prediction, but there is still room for improvements. Results In this paper, we develop a genetic ...