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A Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for the molecular clock based on Bayesian ensembles of phylogenies

covariation between long branches. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Fernando Antoneli, Marcelo R. S. Briones. Data curation: Luciano R. Lopes. Formal analysis: Marcelo R. S. Briones. Funding ... acquisition: Marcelo R. S. Briones. 19 / 22 Investigation: Fernando Antoneli. Methodology: Fernando M. Passos, Luciano R. Lopes. Project administration: Marcelo R. S. Briones. Resources: Luciano R. Lopes

MIA: Mutual Information Analyzer, a graphic user interface program that calculates entropy, vertical and horizontal mutual information of molecular sequence sets

Background Short and long range correlations in biological sequences are central in genomic studies of covariation. These correlations can be studied using mutual information because it measures the amount of information one random variable contains about the other. Here we present MIA (Mutual Information Analyzer) a user friendly graphic interface pipeline that calculates...

HIV-1 Tropism Determines Different Mutation Profiles in Proviral DNA

In order to establish new infections HIV-1 particles need to attach to receptors expressed on the cellular surface. HIV-1 particles interact with a cell membrane receptor known as CD4 and subsequently with another cell membrane molecule known as a co-receptor. Two major different co-receptors have been identified: C-C chemokine Receptor type 5 (CCR5) and C-X-C chemokine Receptor...