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Introns provide a platform for intergenic regulatory feedback of RPL22 paralogs in yeast

analysis. We appreciate the expert technical assistance of Eva Krellerova and AnezÏka DeÏdkovaÂ. Data curation: Martin PřevorovskyÂ. Formal analysis: Kateřina AbrhaÂmovaÂ, Filip Nemčko, JiřÂõ Libus ... , Martin PřevorovskyÂ, Martina HaÂlovaÂ. Funding acquisition: FrantiÏsek Půta, Petr Folk. Investigation: Kateřina AbrhaÂmovaÂ, Filip Nemčko, JiřÂõ Libus, Martina HaÂlovaÂ. Methodology: Kateřina