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The emergence of a field: a network analysis of research on peer review

This article provides a quantitative analysis of peer review as an emerging field of research by revealing patterns and connections between authors, fields and journals from 1950 to 2016. By collecting all available sources from Web of Science, we built a dataset that included approximately 23,000 indexed records and reconstructed collaboration and citation networks over time...

Scientometrics of peer review

This article aims to introduce a special issue on “Scientometrics of peer review”, which collects papers originally presented at workshops and conferences organised by the COST ACTION TD1306 “New frontiers of peer review”. Peer review is the cornerstone of science and is one of the underlying processes that bring about publication traces that are at the heart of bibliometric...

Assessing peer review by gauging the fate of rejected manuscripts: the case of the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

This paper investigates the fate of manuscripts that were rejected from JASSS-The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, the flagship journal of social simulation. We tracked 456 manuscripts that were rejected from 1997 to 2011 and traced their subsequent publication as journal articles, conference papers or working papers. We compared the impact factor of the...

Correction: Decrypting Financial Markets through E-Joint Attention Efforts: On-Line Adaptive Networks of Investors in Periods of Market Uncertainty

Casarin Flaminio Squazzoni - The images for Figs 2, 3 and 5 appear incorrectly. Please view the correct Figs 2, 3 and 5 here. Fig 2. Unicredit stock log-return, rt, series (blue line, left axis) and the

Decrypting Financial Markets through E-Joint Attention Efforts: On-Line Adaptive Networks of Investors in Periods of Market Uncertainty

This paper looks at 800,000 messages on the Unicredit stock, exchanged by 7,500 investors in the forum, between 2005 and 2012 and measured collective interpretations of stock market trends. We examined the correlation patterns between market uncertainty, bad news and investors' network structure by measuring the investors' communication patterns. Our results...

Exit, Punishment and Rewards in Commons Dilemmas: An Experimental Study

Commons dilemmas are interaction situations where a common good is provided or exploited by a group of individuals so that optimal collective outcomes clash with private interests. Although in these situations, social norms and institutions exist that might help individuals to cooperate, little is known about the interaction effects between positive and negative incentives and...

Being on the Field When the Game Is Still Under Way. The Financial Press and Stock Markets in Times of Crisis

This paper looks at the relationship between negative news and stock markets in times of global crisis, such as the 2008/2009 period. We analysed one year of front page banner headlines of three financial newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Il Sole24ore to examine the influence of bad news both on stock market volatility and dynamic correlation. Our results...

Computational and mathematical approaches to societal transitions

Jos Timmermans Hans de Haan Flaminio Squazzoni After an introduction of the theoretical framework and concepts of transition studies, this article gives an overview of how structural change in ... , societal transitions. Flaminio Squazzoni is Assistant Professor of Economic Sociology (University of Brescia). His main field of research is social simulation. He is Review Editor of JASSS.

Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity

Technology (COST) “New Frontiers of Peer Review (PEERE)” Ana Marusic, Flaminio Squazzoni CS14.2 Using blinding to reduce bias in peer review David Vaux CS14.3 How to intensify the role of reviewers to promote