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Mouse models for human intestinal microbiota research: a critical evaluation

Since the early days of the intestinal microbiota research, mouse models have been used frequently to study the interaction of microbes with their host. However, to translate the knowledge gained from mouse studies to a human situation, the major spatio-temporal similarities and differences between intestinal microbiota in mice and humans need to be considered. This is done here...

Metatranscriptome analysis of the microbial fermentation of dietary milk proteins in the murine gut

. E. J. Hooiveld, Hauke Smidt, Michiel Kleerebezem. Data curation: Floor Hugenholtz, Mark Davids. Formal analysis: Floor Hugenholtz, Mark Davids. Funding acquisition: Michael MuÈller, Daniel Tome ... , Michiel Kleerebezem. Investigation: Floor Hugenholtz. Methodology: Floor Hugenholtz, Mark Davids, Jessica Schwarz. Supervision: Michael MuÈller, Daniel TomeÂ, Peter Schaap, Guido J. E. J. Hooiveld, Hauke

The effect of age on the intestinal mucus thickness, microbiota composition and immunity in relation to sex in mice

analysis: Marlies Elderman, Bruno Sovran, Floor Hugenholtz, Katrine Graversen, Myrte Huijskes, Eva Houtsma, Mark Boekschoten. Funding acquisition: Paul de Vos. Investigation: Marlies Elderman, Bruno ... Sovran, Katrine Graversen, Myrte Huijskes, Eva Houtsma. Methodology: Marlies Elderman, Bruno Sovran, Floor Hugenholtz, Clara Belzer, Mark Boekschoten, Paul de Vos, Jan Dekker, Jerry Wells, Marijke Faas

Functional Profiling of Unfamiliar Microbial Communities Using a Validated De Novo Assembly Metatranscriptome Pipeline

Background Metatranscriptomic landscapes can provide insights in functional relationships within natural microbial communities. Analysis of complex metatranscriptome datasets of these communities poses a considerable bioinformatic challenge since they are non-restricted with a varying number of participating strains and species. For RNA-Seq data a standard approach is to align...

Bioengineered Nisin A Derivatives with Enhanced Activity against Both Gram Positive and Gram Negative Pathogens

Nisin is a bacteriocin widely utilized in more than 50 countries as a safe and natural antibacterial food preservative. It is the most extensively studied bacteriocin, having undergone decades of bioengineering with a view to improving function and physicochemical properties. The discovery of novel nisin variants with enhanced activity against clinical and foodborne pathogens has...

A Multi-Platform Flow Device for Microbial (Co-) Cultivation and Microscopic Analysis

Novel microbial cultivation platforms are of increasing interest to researchers in academia and industry. The development of materials with specialized chemical and geometric properties has opened up new possibilities in the study of previously unculturable microorganisms and has facilitated the design of elegant, high-throughput experimental set-ups. Within the context of the...