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Removable thermoplastic appliances modified by incisal cuts show altered biomechanical properties during tipping of a maxillary central incisor

Background The present study aimed to evaluate the force delivery of removable thermoplastic appliances (RTAs), modified by different sized incisal cuts, during tipping of a maxillary central incisor in palatal and vestibular direction. Methods Forty-five RTAs from three different materials (Biolon®, Erkodur®, Ideal Clear®) of the same thickness (1 mm) were used. Analysis was...

Human mesenchymal stromal cells from adipose tissue of the neck

Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) have been introduced into the field of tissue-engineered airway transplantation. Since patients with extensive tracheal defects often require an open tracheotomy, this study investigated if MSC could be obtained from the adipose tissue of the neck during this procedure. Cells were isolated by plastic adherence from the adipose tissue of 8 patients...

Murine mesenchymal progenitor cells from different tissues differentiated via mesenchymal microspheres into the mesodermal direction

Background Because specific marker molecules for phenotypical identification of mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells are missing, the assessment of the in vitro-differentiation capacity is a prerequisite to characterize these cells. However, classical differentiation protocols are often cell-consuming and time intensive. Therefore, the establishment of novel strategies for...