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An observational time and motion study of denosumab subcutaneous injection and zoledronic acid intravenous infusion in patients with metastatic bone disease: results from three European countries

funded by Amgen (Europe) GmbH. Jean-Jacques Body has received speaker and consulting fees from Amgen; Francesca Gatta is an employee of Amgen; Erwin De Cock and Persefoni Kritikou were employees of UBC

Skin toxicity and quality of life during treatment with panitumumab for RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal carcinoma: results from three randomised clinical trials

Amgen [Europe] GmbH) was provided by Dan Booth PhD (Bioscript Medical Ltd). Conflict of interest Reija Koukakis is an employee of Amgen Ltd, Uxbridge, UK. Francesca Gatta is an employee of Amgen (Europe

Patient, Caregiver, and Nurse Preferences for Treatments for Bone Metastases from Solid Tumors

Amgen Inc. Francesca Gatta is an employee of Amgen Inc. Stacey Harrelson reports no conflicts of interest. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution ... design of the study. Yi Qian, Jorge Arellano, A. Brett Hauber, Ateesha F. Mohamed, and Juan Marcos Gonzalez contributed to the collection and acquisition of patient data. Yi Qian, Guy Hechmati, Francesca

Patients’ preferences for bone metastases treatments in France, Germany and the United Kingdom

Purpose The aim of this study was to assess patients’ preferences for efficacy, safety, and mode of administration in relation to available bone-targeted agents (BTA) for the prevention of skeletal-related events (SREs) associated with bone metastases in Europe. Methods Adults in France (n = 159), Germany (n = 166), and the United Kingdom (UK; n = 159) with a self-reported...