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Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy: a retrospective cohort study assessing outcomes and cost-effectiveness

Background Appendectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed in emergency surgery. Because of lack of consensus about the most appropriate technique, appendectomy is still being performed by both open (OA) and laparoscopic (LA) methods. In this retrospective analysis, we aimed to compare the laparoscopic approach and the conventional technique in the treatment of acute...

Stress echo 2020: the international stress echo study in ischemic and non-ischemic heart disease

D'Andrea Maria Chiara Scali Lauro Cortigiani Iacopo Olivotto Fabio Mori Maurizio Galderisi Marco Fabio Costantino Lorenza Pratali 0 Giovanni Di Salvo Eduardo Bossone Francesco Ferrara Luna Gargani 0 Fausto

Juvenile granulosa cell tumor of the testis: prenatal diagnosis and prescrotal approach

Neonatal testicular tumors are rare and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of newborn scrotal masses. Juvenile granulosa cell tumor (JGCT) accounts for about 5% of all prepubertal testis tumors. As a benign neoplasm, radical orchiectomy is sufficient for treatment. We report a case of a newborn with a prenatal diagnosis of scrotal mass. After surgery, the...