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Rainbows without unicorns: metric structures in theories with modified dispersion relations

Rainbow metrics are a widely used approach to the metric formalism for theories with modified dispersion relations. They have had a huge success in the quantum gravity phenomenology literature, since they allow one to introduce momentum-dependent space-time metrics into the description of systems with a modified dispersion relation. In this paper, we introduce the reader to some...

Brighter branes, enhancement of photon production by strong magnetic fields in the gauge/gravity correspondence

We use the gauge/gravity correspondence to calculate the rate of photon production in a strongly coupled \( \mathcal{N} \) = 4 plasma in the presence of an intense magnetic field. We start by constructing a family of back reacted geometries that include the black D3-brane solution, as a smooth limiting case for B = 0, and extends to backgrounds with an arbitrarily large constant...