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(I Can’t Get No) Saturation: A simulation and guidelines for sample sizes in qualitative research

Evaluation and Policy conference 2015 in London, and the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Frank J. van Rijnsoever. Data curation: Frank J ... . van Rijnsoever. Formal analysis: Frank J. van Rijnsoever. Investigation: Frank J. van Rijnsoever. Methodology: Frank J. van Rijnsoever. Resources: Frank J. van Rijnsoever. Software: Frank J. van

Exploring the motives and practices of university–start-up interaction: evidence from Route 128

–industry interaction (UII) (Meyer-Krahmer and Schmoch 1998; Perkmann et al. 2013; Frank J. Van Rijnsoever et al. 2008). These mechanisms are not exclusively part of the USUI process, but USUI encompasses all

Multi-disciplinarity breeds diversity: the influence of innovation project characteristics on diversity creation in nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an emerging and promising field of research. Creating sufficient technological diversity among its alternatives is important for the long-term success of nanotechnologies, as well as for other emerging technologies. Diversity prevents early lock-in, facilitates recombinant innovation, increases resilience, and allows market growth. Creation of new technological...

Network brokers or hit makers? Analyzing the influence of incubation on start-up investments

of these start-ups by providing them * Frank J. Van Rijnsoever with a comprehensive range of services, such as shared office space, specialized knowledge, and a network of clients and investors

How network-based incubation helps start-up performance: a systematic review against the background of management theories

The literature on how network-based incubation influences the performance of technology-based start-ups has recently grown considerably and provided valuable insights. However, at the same time this literature has become quite fragmented, inconsistently conceptualised, and theoretically underdeveloped. Therefore, this article uses three management theories to structure the...

Start-EU-up! Lessons from international incubation practices to address the challenges faced by Western European start-ups

Despite the continued efforts of policy makers, Western European start-ups are still struggling. Further, as questions are being raised about the effectiveness of incubators, there is a growing call for incubators around the world to learn from each other and improve themselves. Our paper enables Western European incubators to learn from their foreign peers by qualitatively...

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Why Sustainability Reporting Based on the Triple Bottom Line Can Be Misleading

In the packaged food industry, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an informal requirement for which firms account through sustainability reporting. CSR behaviors are often reported and analyzed using the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) framework, which categorizes them as affecting people, planet, or profit. 3BL is useful in determining which of these categories is most elaborated...

Understanding consumer acceptance of intervention strategies for healthy food choices: a qualitative study

Background The increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity poses a major threat to public health. Intervention strategies for healthy food choices potentially reduce obesity rates. Reviews of the effectiveness of interventions, however, show mixed results. To maximise effectiveness, interventions need to be accepted by consumers. The aim of the present study is to explore...