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Sense of place and experimentation in urban sustainability transitions: the Resilience Lab in Carnisse, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Experimentation as a means of governance for sustainability transitions has been advocated for years by transition scholars and geography scholars. We propose that examining the impact of experimentation requires an understanding of its embeddedness in place as a socio-spatial context. This notion of embeddedness, which conceptually aligns well with the understanding of sense of...

Zarządzanie lokalną zmianą : spojrzenie na holenderskie i polskie przemiany obszarów miejskich

Problemy Rozwoju Miast Adam Choryński Frank van Steenbergen Julia M. Wittmayer Derk Loorbach Marek Nowak Piotr Matczak ZARZĄDZANIE LOKALNĄ ZMIANĄ SPOJRZENIE NA HOLENDERSKIE I POLSKIE PRZEMIANY ... and outlines the scope of problems resulting from mistakes appearing during proceeding revitalisation activities. Mgr Frank van Steenbergen Holenderski Instytut Badawczy Przemian (DRIFT) Uniwersytet

From Value to Finance: Making IWRM Work

Finance: Making IW RM Work Ben Lamoree and Frank van Steenbergen Arcadis Euroconsult T he Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has been very rich on institutional change (basin organizations