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Gains in Life Expectancy Associated with Higher Education in Men

Background Many studies show large differences in life expectancy across the range of education, intelligence, and socio-economic status. As educational attainment, intelligence, and socio-economic status are highly interrelated, appropriate methods are required to disentangle their separate effects. The aim of this paper is to present a novel method to estimate gains in life...

The Trade-Off between Female Fertility and Longevity during the Epidemiological Transition in the Netherlands

Several hypotheses have been put forward to explain the relationship between women’s fertility and their post-reproductive longevity. In this study, we focus on the disposable soma theory, which posits that a negative relationship between women’s fertility and longevity can be understood as an evolutionary trade-off between reproduction and survival. We examine the relationship...

Prenatal Famine Exposure and Adult Mortality From Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Other Causes Through Age 63 Years

affiliations: Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences/University of Groningen, The Hague, the Netherlands (Peter Ekamper, Frans van Poppel, Govert E ... . Bijwaard); Department of Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands (Frans van Poppel); Hubert Department of Global Health

Marriage Timing over the Generations

Strong relationships have been hypothesized between the timing of marriage and the familial environment of the couple. Sociologists have identified various mechanisms via which the age at marriage in the parental generation might be related to the age at marriage of the children. In our paper we study this relationship for historical populations. We use a dataset consisting of...