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Serum anti-glycan-antibodies in relatives of patients with inflammatory bowel disease

. Data curation: Ulrike Strauch, Rocio Lopez, Florian Rieders. Formal analysis: Rocio Lopez. Investigation: Florian Kamm, Frauke Degenhardt, Claudia Kunst, Gerhard Rogler, Florian Rieders. Methodology ... : Florian Kamm, Ulrike Strauch, Frauke Degenhardt, Frank Klebl, Florian Rieders. Project administration: Florian Rieders. Resources: Gerhard Rogler, Andre Franke. Supervision: Ulrike Strauch, Rocio Lopez

Sparse Modeling Reveals miRNA Signatures for Diagnostics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) still remains a clinical challenge and the most accurate diagnostic procedure is a combination of clinical tests including invasive endoscopy. In this study we evaluated whether systematic miRNA expression profiling, in conjunction with machine learning techniques, is suitable as a non-invasive test for the major IBD phenotypes...