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Blunt cerebrovascular injury in rugby and other contact sports: case report and review of the literature

Moore 0 0 Division of Acute Care Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Florida College of Medicine , Gainesville, FL , USA Contact sports have long been a part of human existence. The two

Position paper: management of perforated sigmoid diverticulitis

Over the last three decades, emergency surgery for perforated sigmoid diverticulitis has evolved dramatically but remains controversial. Diverticulitis is categorized as uncomplicated (amenable to outpatient treatment) versus complicated (requiring hospitalization). Patients with complicated diverticulitis undergo computerized tomography (CT) scanning and the CT findings are used...

Oesophageal injuries: Position paper, WSES, 2013

The oesophagus is a difficult challenge for the surgeon because of its lack of serosal covering, the tenuous, segmental blood supply and the common delay in the diagnosis of injury. Early diagnosis is the key to successful management. Recent introduction of newer, minimally invasive techniques have provided management alternatives for both the normal and the diseased organ that...

Monitoring trauma and intensive care unit resuscitation with tissue hemoglobin oxygen saturation

Introduction The purpose of the present review is to review our experience with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) monitoring in shock resuscitation and predicting clinical outcomes. Methods The management of critically ill patients with goal-oriented intensive care unit (ICU) resuscitation continues to evolve as our understanding of the appropriate physiologic targets improves...

Successful Implementation of a Packed Red Blood Cell and Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusion Protocol in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Background Blood product transfusions are associated with increased morbidity and mortality. The purpose of this study was to determine if implementation of a restrictive protocol for packed red blood cell (PRBC) and fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfusion safely reduces blood product utilization and costs in a surgical intensive care unit (SICU). Study Design We performed a...

Host Responses to Sepsis Vary in Different Low-Lethality Murine Models

Introduction Animal models for the study of sepsis are being increasingly scrutinized, despite their essential role for early translational research. In particular, recent studies have suggested that at the level of the leukocyte transcriptome, murine models of burns, trauma and endotoxemia markedly differ from their human equivalents, and are only weakly similar amongst...

Advanced age is associated with worsened outcomes and a unique genomic response in severely injured patients with hemorrhagic shock

Introduction We wished to characterize the relationship of advanced age to clinical outcomes and to transcriptomic responses after severe blunt traumatic injury with hemorrhagic shock. Methods We performed epidemiological, cytokine, and transcriptomic analyses on a prospective, multi-center cohort of 1,928 severely injured patients. Results We found that there was no difference...

Current concept of abdominal sepsis: WSES position paper

Frederick A Moore Rao Ivatury Raul Coimbra Ari Leppaniemi Walter Biffl Yoram Kluger Gustavo P Fraga Carlos A Ordonez Sanjay Marwah Igor Gerych Jae Gil Lee Cristian Tran 0 Federico Coccolini Francesco

Bologna guidelines for diagnosis and management of adhesive small bowel obstruction (ASBO): 2013 update of the evidence-based guidelines from the world society of emergency surgery ASBO working group

Gustavo Pereira Fraga Michael D Kelly Frederick A Moore Vincenzo Mandal Stefano Mandal Michele Masetti Elio Jovine Antonio D Pinna 0 Andrew B Peitzman Ari Leppaniemi Paul H Sugarbaker Harry Van Goor Ernest

A proposal for a CT driven classification of left colon acute diverticulitis

Computed tomography (CT) imaging is the most appropriate diagnostic tool to confirm suspected left colonic diverticulitis. However, the utility of CT imaging goes beyond accurate diagnosis of diverticulitis; the grade of severity on CT imaging may drive treatment planning of patients presenting with acute diverticulitis.The appropriate management of left colon acute...

WSES consensus conference: Guidelines for first-line management of intra-abdominal infections

Tumietto Harry van Goor Gianluca Guercioni Angelo Nespoli Cristian Tran Fausto Catena Luca Ansaloni Ari Leppaniemi Walter Biffl Frederick A Moore Renato Poggetti Antonio Daniele Pinna Ernest E Moore 0

2013 WSES guidelines for management of intra-abdominal infections

Frederick A Moore George Velmahos Raul Coimbra Rao Ivatury Andrew Peitzman Kaoru Koike Ari Leppaniemi Walter Biffl Clay Cothren Burlew Zsolt J Balogh Ken Boffard Cino Bendinelli Sanjay Gupta Yoram Kluger