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Seasonality affects dietary diversity of school-age children in northern Ghana

, Inge D. Brouwer. Writing ± original draft: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Fusta Azupogo, Miwako Nagasu, Noortje Creemers. Writing ± review & editing: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Fusta Azupogo, Inge D. Brouwer. 13 / 16 ... . The authors also thank the mothers/caregivers who participated in the survey. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Inge D. Brouwer. Formal analysis: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Fusta

Subclinical inflammation influences the association between vitamin A- and iron status among schoolchildren in Ghana

Background and objective In resource-poor settings, micronutrient deficiencies such as vitamin A deficiency may co-exist with iron-deficiency. In this study we assessed the iron and vitamin A status of schoolchildren and the association between vitamin A and iron status. Methods A cross-sectional design using the baseline data of a dietary intervention trial conducted among...