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Dynamics of charged bulk viscous collapsing cylindrical source with heat flux

. D 71 , 124007 ( 2005 ) 43. M. Sharif , S. Fatima , Gen. Relativ. Gravity 43 , 127 ( 2011 ) 44. M. Sharif , G. Abbas , Astrophys. Space Sci . 335 , 515 ( 2011 ) 45. S. Guha , R. Banerji , Int. J. Theor

Dynamics of particles around time conformal Schwarzschild black hole

In this work, we present the new technique for discussing the dynamical motion of neutral as well as charged particles in the absence/presence of a magnetic field around the time conformal Schwarzschild black hole. Initially, we find the numerical solutions of geodesics of the Schwarzschild black hole and the time conformal Schwarzschild black hole. We observe that the ...

Shear-free condition and dynamical instability in f(R, T) gravity

The implications of the shear-free condition on the instability range of an anisotropic fluid in f(R, T) are studied in this manuscript. A viable f(R, T) model is chosen to arrive at stability criterion, where R is Ricci scalar and T is the trace of energy-momentum tensor. The evolution of a spherical star is explored by employing a perturbation scheme on the modified field ...