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Catalytic Effect of Pd Clusters in the Poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) Combustion

Pd(0) is able to catalyze oxygen-involving reactions because of its capability to convert molecular oxygen to the very reactive atomic form. Consequently, the embedding of a little amount of Pd(0) clusters in polymeric phases can be technologically exploited to enhance the incineration kinetic of these polymers. The effect of nanostructuration on the Pd(0) catalytic activity in...

CaloCube: a novel calorimeter for high-energy cosmic rays in space

E. Berti 7 8 G. Bigongiari 10 15 L. Bonechi 7 8 S. Bonechi 10 15 M. Bongi 7 8 V. Bonvicini 5 S. Bottai 7 P. Brogi 10 15 G. Cappello 12 G. Carotenuto 6 G. Castellini 3 7 R. D'Alessandro 7 8 S. Detti 7