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A list of nearby dwarf galaxies towards the Local Void in Hercules-Aquila

Based on film copies of the POSS-II we inspected a wide area of □° in the direction of the nearest cosmic void: {RA = 18h 38m, , 1500 km s-1}. As a result we present a list of 78 nearby dwarf galaxy candidates which have angular diameters and a mean surface brightness , mag/□″. Of them 22 are in the direction of the Local Void region. To measure their redshifts, a HI survey of...

Development of a sink–source interaction model for the growth of short-rotation coppice willow and in silico exploration of genotype×environment effects

Identifying key performance traits is essential for elucidating crop growth processes and breeding. In Salix spp., genotypic diversity is being exploited to tailor new varieties to overcome environmental yield constraints. Process-based models can assist these efforts by identifying key parameters of yield formation for different genotype×environment (G×E) combinations. Here...