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A light sneutrino rescues the light stop

]. [58] G. Nardini and N. Sahu, Re-reheating, late entropy injection and constraints from [1] ALEPH collaboration, R. Barate et al., Search for pair production of longlived heavy charged [10] C. Arina and ... Scherk-Schwarz theories of the [25] A. Delgado, M. Garcia-Pepin, G. Nardini and M. Quiros, Natural supersymmetry from extra [26] M. Carena, S. Gori, N.R. Shah, C.E.M. Wagner and L.-T. Wang, Light stops

MSSM electroweak baryogenesis and LHC data

Electroweak baryogenesis is an attractive scenario for the generation of the baryon asymmetry of the universe as its realization depends on the presence at the weak scale of new particles which may be searched for at high energy colliders. In the MSSM it may only be realized in the presence of light stops, and with moderate or small mixing between the left- and right-handed...