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Look-alike galaxies: - HI observations for look-alike galaxies of four calibrators

We present a programme aiming at applying the Tully-Fisher relation for galaxies with the same morphological type and the same inclination (look-alike galaxies or sosie galaxies) as calibrating galaxies. The advantage of sosie galaxies is discussed. In particular, it is shown that using sosies of bright calibrators will allow us to explore the universe deeper and more efficiently...

PSR J1618−3921: a recycled pulsar in an eccentric orbit

Context. The 11.99 ms pulsar PSR J1618−3921 orbits a He white dwarf companion of probably low mass with a period of 22.7 d. The pulsar was discovered in a survey of the intermediate Galactic latitudes at 1400 MHz that was conducted with the Parkes radio telescope in the late 1990s. Although PSR J1618−3921 was discovered more than 15 years ago, only limited information has been...

Revisiting the optical depth of spiral galaxies using the Tully-Fisher B relation

, A &AS, 124 , 109 Paturel, G. , Fang , Y. , Petit , C. , Garnier , R. , & Rousseau , J. 2000 , A &AS, 146 , 19 Paturel, G. , Petit , C. , Prugniel , Ph. , et al. 2003a, A &A, 412 , 45 Paturel, G ... . , Theureau , G. , Bottinelli , L. , et al. 2003b, A &A, 412 , 57 Peletier, R. F. , Valentijn , E. A. , Moorwood , A. F. M. , & Freudling , W. 1994 , A &AS, 108 , 621 Riello , M. , & Patat , F. 2005 , MNRAS

Evidence for gravitational quadrupole moment variations in the companion of PSR J2051−0827

We have conducted radio timing observations of the eclipsing millisecond binary pulsar PSR J2051−0827 with the European Pulsar Timing Array network of telescopes and the Parkes radio telescope, spanning over 13 yr. The increased data span allows significant measurements of the orbital eccentricity, e= (6.2 ± 1.3) × 10−5, and composite proper motion, μt= 7.3 ± 0.4 mas yr−1. Our...

Generic tests of the existence of the gravitational dipole radiation and the variation of the gravitational constant

We present results from the high-precision timing analysis of the pulsar-white dwarf (WD) binary PSR J1012+5307 using 15 years of multitelescope data. Observations were performed regularly by the European Pulsar Timing Array (EPTA) network, consisting of Effelsberg, Jodrell Bank, Westerbork and Nançay. All the timing parameters have been improved from the previously published...

Placing limits on the stochastic gravitational-wave background using European Pulsar Timing Array data

. Theureau 4 5 N. D'Amico 2 10 A. Possenti 10 M. Burgay 10 A. Corongiu 10 J. W. T. Hessels 6 11 R. Smits 0 6 J. P. W. Verbiest 7 0 University of Manchester, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics , Alan Turing

HYPERLEDA - I. Identification and designation of galaxies

A&A I. Identification and designation of galaxies G. Paturel C. Petit Ph. Prugniel G. Theureau J. Rousseau M. Brouty P. Dubois L. Cambre´sy We present the new catalog of principal galaxies (PGC2003

Calibration of the distance scale from galactic Cepheids - II. Use of the HIPPARCOS calibration

ESA Symp ., Hipparcos Venice ' 97 , ed. M. A. C. Perryman , & P. L. Bernacca Paturel , G. , Theureau , G. , Fouque , P. , et al. 2002 , A &A, 383 , 398 ( Paper I ) Perryman , M. A. C. , Hog , E

Extragalactic database - VII. Reduction of astrophysical parameters

The Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic database (LEDA) gives a free access to the main astrophysical parameters for more than 100 000 galaxies. The most common names are compiled allowing users to recover quickly any galaxy. All these measured astrophysical parameters are first reduced to a common system according to well defined reduction formulae leading to mean homogeneized parameters...