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Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Reading Ability Show Connection to Socio-Economic Outcomes

, Saskia P. Hagenaars, Simon R. Cox, William David Hill, Gail Davies, Sarah E. Harris, Ian J. Deary, David M. Evans, Nicholas G. Martin, Margaret J. Wright, and Timothy C. Bates declare that they have no

The total burden of rare, non-synonymous exome genetic variants is not associated with childhood or late-life cognitive ability

Riccardo E. Marioni Lars Penke Gail Davies Jennifer E. Huffman Caroline Hayward Ian J. variants is not associated with childhood or late-life cognitive Articles on similar topics can be found in the

Alcohol consumption and lifetime change in cognitive ability: a gene × environment interaction study

Studies of the effect of alcohol consumption on cognitive ability are often confounded. One approach to avoid confounding is the Mendelian randomization design. Here, we used such a design to test the hypothesis that a genetic score for alcohol processing capacity moderates the association between alcohol consumption and lifetime change in cognitive ability. Members of the...

Complex Variation in Measures of General Intelligence and Cognitive Change

Combining information from multiple SNPs may capture a greater amount of genetic variation than from the sum of individual SNP effects and help identifying missing heritability. Regions may capture variation from multiple common variants of small effect, multiple rare variants or a combination of both. We describe regional heritability mapping of human cognition. Measures of...

Functional Gene Group Analysis Indicates No Role for Heterotrimeric G Proteins in Cognitive Ability

Previous functional gene group analyses implicated common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in heterotrimeric G protein coding genes as being associated with differences in human intelligence. Here, we sought to replicate this finding using five independent cohorts of older adults including current IQ and childhood IQ, and using both gene- and SNP-based analytic strategies...

Genetic Basis of a Cognitive Complexity Metric

Relational complexity (RC) is a metric reflecting capacity limitation in relational processing. It plays a crucial role in higher cognitive processes and is an endophenotype for several disorders. However, the genetic underpinnings of complex relational processing have not been investigated. Using the classical twin model, we estimated the heritability of RC and genetic overlap...

Genetic Copy Number Variation and General Cognitive Ability

Differences in genomic structure between individuals are ubiquitous features of human genetic variation. Specific copy number variants (CNVs) have been associated with susceptibility to numerous complex psychiatric disorders, including attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, autism-spectrum disorders and schizophrenia. These disorders often display co-morbidity with low...

Genetic diversity is a predictor of mortality in humans

Background It has been well-established, both by population genetics theory and direct observation in many organisms, that increased genetic diversity provides a survival advantage. However, given the limitations of both sample size and genome-wide metrics, this hypothesis has not been comprehensively tested in human populations. Moreover, the presence of numerous segregating...

Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies for Extraversion: Findings from the Genetics of Personality Consortium

11 12 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 35 36 37 40 41 42 43 44 45 George Davey Smith 0 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 11 12 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 31 32 35 36 37 40 41 42 43 44 45 Gail

Investigation of NOD1/CARD4 variation in inflammatory bowel disease using a haplotype-tagging strategy

Both NOD1/CARD4 and NOD2/CARD15 are intracellular pattern-recognition receptors involved in the innate immune response. Germline NOD2/CARD15 variation has a definite effect on susceptibility to Crohn's disease (CD) and phenotype, although this contribution is weak in Scotland and Scandinavia. The NOD1/CARD4 gene lies within the putative inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) locus at...

Modulation of Genetic Associations with Serum Urate Levels by Body-Mass-Index in Humans

We tested for interactions between body mass index (BMI) and common genetic variants affecting serum urate levels, genome-wide, in up to 42569 participants. Both stratified genome-wide association (GWAS) analyses, in lean, overweight and obese individuals, and regression-type analyses in a non BMI-stratified overall sample were performed. The former did not uncover any novel...

Large-Scale Genome-Wide Association Studies and Meta-Analyses of Longitudinal Change in Adult Lung Function

Michael Allerhand R. Graham Barr Guy G. Brusselle David J. Couper Ivan Curjuric Gail Davies Ian J. Deary Jose e Dupuis Tove Fall Millennia Foy Nora Franceschini Wei Gao Sven Gla ser Xiangjun Gu Dana B

No Evidence for Genome-Wide Interactions on Plasma Fibrinogen by Smoking, Alcohol Consumption and Body Mass Index: Results from Meta-Analyses of 80,607 Subjects

Plasma fibrinogen is an acute phase protein playing an important role in the blood coagulation cascade having strong associations with smoking, alcohol consumption and body mass index (BMI). Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified a variety of gene regions associated with elevated plasma fibrinogen concentrations. However, little is yet known about how associations...

DNA mismatch repair gene MSH6 implicated in determining age at natural menopause

Brown Julie E. Buring Harry Campbell Jenny Chang-Claude Georgia Chenevix-Trench Tanguy Corre Fergus J. Couch Angela Cox Kamila Czene Adamo Pio D'adamo Gail Davies Ian J. Deary Joe Dennis Douglas F. Easton

Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Six New Loci for Serum Calcium Concentrations

Estrada Jingzhong Ding Tamara B. Harris Stefania Bandinelli Dena Hernandez Andrew B. Singleton Giorgia Girotto Daniela Ruggiero Adamo Pio d'Adamo Antonietta Robino Thomas Meitinger Christa Meisinger Gail ... Davies John M. Starr John C. Chambers Bernhard O. Boehm Bernhard R. Winkelmann Jie Huang Federico Murgia Sarah H. Wild Harry Campbell Andrew P. Morris Oscar H. Franco Albert Hofman Andre G. Uitterlinden

A Meta-Analysis of Thyroid-Related Traits Reveals Novel Loci and Gender-Specific Differences in the Regulation of Thyroid Function

Thyroid hormone is essential for normal metabolism and development, and overt abnormalities in thyroid function lead to common endocrine disorders affecting approximately 10% of individuals over their life span. In addition, even mild alterations in thyroid function are associated with weight changes, atrial fibrillation, osteoporosis, and psychiatric disorders. To identify novel...

Evidence of Inbreeding Depression on Human Height

Stature is a classical and highly heritable complex trait, with 80%–90% of variation explained by genetic factors. In recent years, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have successfully identified many common additive variants influencing human height; however, little attention has been given to the potential role of recessive genetic effects. Here, we investigated genome-wide...