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Fuzzy Logic-based Virtual Cell Design in Ultra-Dense Networks

One of the main trends in the fifth generation (5G) cellular network is the bifurcation of systems that enable network densification. With this trend, ultra-dense networks (UDN) become a pillar technology to provide high data rates gains. However, these gains come at the expense of more complex interference and higher handover frequency. The user-centric virtual cell conception...

Energy efficient power allocation strategy for 5G carrier aggregation scenario

Carrier aggregation (CA) is considered to be a potential technology in next generation wireless communications. While boosting system throughput, CA has also put forward challenges to the resource allocation problems. In this paper, we firstly construct the energy efficiency optimization problem and prove that the function is strictly quasi concave. Then we propose a binary...

Service- and interference-aware dynamic TDD design in 5G ultra-dense network scenario

The 5G wireless communication system supports varied applications, making the uplink/downlink traffic asymmetry more and more serious. Dynamic time division duplex (TDD) technique has become a key technology of 5G networks due to its flexibility to support asymmetric services. In this paper, we study dynamic TDD sub-frame reconfiguration algorithm based on shifting. Firstly, we...