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Is a cooperative approach to seaweed farming effectual? An analysis of the seaweed cluster project (SCP), Malaysia

Seaweed (Kappaphycus spp.) farming has been practised in Malaysia since the late 1970s following government policy incentives (training and farming inputs). However, numerous governance, economic, environmental, technological and sociocultural challenges have limited the industry from achieving its full potential. The Seaweed Cluster Project (SCP) was introduced in 2012 to address ...

The effect of bubble size on the efficiency and economics of harvesting microalgae by foam flotation

Thea Coward 0 Jonathan G. M. Lee 0 Gary S. Caldwell 0 0 G. S. Caldwell School of Marine Science and Technology , Ridley Building, Newcastle University , Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, England, UK

Response of Copepods to Elevated pCO2 and Environmental Copper as Co-Stressors – A Multigenerational Study

We examined the impacts of ocean acidification and copper as co-stressors on the reproduction and population level responses of the benthic copepod Tisbe battagliai across two generations. Naupliar production, growth, and cuticle elemental composition were determined for four pH values: 8.06 (control); 7.95; 7.82; 7.67, with copper addition to concentrations equivalent to those in ...

How to assess toxin ingestion and post-ingestion partitioning in zooplankton?

GARY S. CALDWELL SUSAN B. WATSON 0 MATTHEW G. BENTLEY 0 UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY Algal toxins can have severe impacts on marine and aquatic ecosystems and often bioaccumulate through the food chain