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Natural compounds targeting major cell signaling pathways: a novel paradigm for osteosarcoma therapy

Osteosarcoma is the most common primary bone cancer affecting children and adolescents worldwide. Despite an incidence of three cases per million annually, it accounts for an inordinate amount of morbidity and mortality. While the use of chemotherapy (cisplatin, doxorubicin, and methotrexate) in the last century initially resulted in marginal improvement in survival over surgery...

Psychoactive pharmaceuticals at environmental concentrations induce in vitro gene expression associated with neurological disorders

Background A number of researchers have speculated that neurological disorders are mostly due to the interaction of common susceptibility genes with environmental, epigenetic and stochastic factors. Genetic factors such as mutations, insertions, deletions and copy number variations (CNVs) are responsible for only a small subset of cases, suggesting unknown environmental...

Cytosolic phospholipase A 2 (cPLA 2 ) IVA as a potential signature molecule in cigarette smoke condensate induced pathologies in alveolar epithelial lineages

Background Smoking is one of the leading causes of millions of deaths worldwide. During cigarette smoking, most affected and highly exposed cells are the alveolar epithelium and generated oxidative stress in these cells leads to death and damage. Several studies suggested that oxidative stress causes membrane remodeling via Phospholipase A 2 s but in the case of cigarette smokers...

Risk factors for fecal carriage of carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae among intensive care unit patients from a tertiary care center in India

Rajni Gaind Deepak Kumar Gaurav Kaushik Kunj Bihari Gupta P. K. Verma Monorama Deb Background: Resistance amongst the commensal flora is a serious threat because a very highly populated ecosystem like

Platelet-Rich Blood Derivatives for Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

). Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of Interest Elham Masoudi, João Ribas, Gaurav Kaushik, Jeroen Leijten, and Ali Khademhosseini declare that they have no conflict of interest. Human and Animal Rights

Psychoactive pharmaceuticals as environmental contaminants may disrupt highly inter-connected nodes in an Autism-associated protein-protein interaction network

Gaurav Kaushik 0 Michael A Thomas 0 Ken A Aho 0 0 Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University , Stop 8007, 921 S 8 Background: Most cases of idiopathic autism spectrum disorder (ASD) likely