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Buffer or Brake? The Role of Sexuality-Specific Parenting in Adolescents’ Sexualized Media Consumption and Sexual Development

Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam , Rotterdam , The Netherlands 2 Geertjan Overbeek One main source of sexual socialization lies within family interactions. Especially sexuality-specific parenting may ... original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. Geertjan Overbeek is Full Professor of child development at the University of Amsterdam

Dutch Norms for the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory: Comparisons with other Western Countries

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO: 452–10-005). Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of Interest Joyce Weeland, Jolien van Aar, and Geertjan Overbeek declare that they have

In the Eye of the Beholder? Parent-Observer Discrepancies in Parenting and Child Disruptive Behavior Assessments

Martine Moens, Joyce Weeland, Danielle Van der Giessen, Rabia Chhangur and Geertjan Overbeek declare that they have no conflict of interest. Ethical Approval All procedures performed in studies involving

Observed Normativity and Deviance in Friendship Dyads’ Conversations About Sex and the Relations With Youths’ Perceived Sexual Peer Norms

The current study examined the relations between observed normativity and deviance during adolescents’ and young adults’ conversations about sex with their friends and their individual perceptions of sexual peer norms. Participants were 16–21-year-old same-sex friendship dyads (31 male and 30 female dyads) who performed a peer interaction task that consisted of five discussion...

Executive function as a mediator in the link between single or complex trauma and posttraumatic stress in children and adolescents

Purpose In this study, we examined whether there is a mediating role of executive function (EF) in the relationship between trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress in youth. Methods Children and adolescents exposed to trauma were recruited at an academic center for child psychiatry in The Netherlands. The total sample consisted of 119 children from 9 to 17 years old (M = 13.65...

Underlying Mechanisms of Gene–Environment Interactions in Externalizing Behavior: A Systematic Review and Search for Theoretical Mechanisms

version of this paper and Jacqueline Vink, Ph.D. and Maaike Verhagen, Ph.D. for commenting on the description of the genes. Geertjan Overbeek was supported by a VIDI grant 452-10-005 of the Netherlands

5-HTTLPR Expression Outside the Skin: An Experimental Test of the Emotional Reactivity Hypothesis in Children

Background There is increasing evidence that variation in the promoter region of the serotonin transporter gene SLC6A4 (i.e., the 5-HTTLPR polymorphism) moderates the impact of environmental stressors on child psychopathology. Emotional reactivity −the intensity of an individual’s response to other’s emotions− has been put forward as a possible mechanism underlying these gene-by...

Erratum to: Rectificatie

expliciet internetmateriaal. Kind en Adolescent , 33, 226-238 1 Suzan Doornwaard, Regina van den Eijnden, Peter Lugtig, Tom ter Bogt en Geertjan Overbeek - Bij dezen plaatsen wij, auteurs van het artikel

Do Conflict Resolution and Recovery Predict the Survival of Adolescents' Romantic Relationships?

Numerous studies have shown that being able to resolve and recover from conflicts is of key importance for relationship satisfaction and stability in adults. Less is known about the importance of these relationship dynamics in adolescent romantic relationships. Therefore, this study investigated whether conflict resolution and recovery predict breakups in middle adolescent...

My Child Redeems My Broken Dreams: On Parents Transferring Their Unfulfilled Ambitions onto Their Child

From the early days of psychology, theorists have observed that parents sometimes transfer their own unfulfilled ambitions onto their child. We propose that parents are especially inclined to do so when they see their child as part of themselves, more so than as a separate individual. When parents see their child as part of themselves, their child’s achievements may easily come...

Substance use risk profiles and associations with early substance use in adolescence

We examined whether anxiety sensitivity, hopelessness, sensation seeking, and impulsivity (i.e., revised version of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale) would be related to the lifetime prevalence and age of onset of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use, and to polydrug use in early adolescence. Baseline data of a broader effectiveness study were used from 3,783 early adolescents...

ORCHIDS: an Observational Randomized Controlled Trial on Childhood Differential Susceptibility

Rabia R Chhangur 0 Joyce Weeland 0 Geertjan Overbeek Walter C H J Matthys Bram Orobio de Castro 0 Equal contributors, shared first author Department of Developmental Psychology, Utrecht Centre for

Effects of Attractiveness and Social Status on Dating Desire in Heterosexual Adolescents: An Experimental Study

supported by a Mozaiek grant and Geertjan Overbeek by a VENI grant, both from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, during the preparation of this article. Open Access This article is

Bullying and Victimization Among Adolescents: The Role of Ethnicity and Ethnic Composition of School Class

, he conducts research on the links between parents, genes, and adolescent substance use. Geertjan Overbeek worked on his dissertation, studying the development of internalizing and externalizing ... problem behaviors in adolescence and young adulthood from 1999 to 2003. Currently, Geertjan Overbeek is an Assistant Professor at the Behavioral Science Institute of the Radboud University Nijmegen. His

Effectiveness of the universal prevention program 'Healthy School and Drugs': Study protocol of a randomized clustered trial

Background Substance use is highly prevalent among Dutch adolescents. The Healthy School and Drugs program is a nationally implemented school-based prevention program aimed at reducing early and excessive substance use among adolescents. Although the program's effectiveness was tested in a quasi-experimental design before, many program changes were made afterwards. The present...

The Significance of Reciprocal and Unilateral Friendships for Peer Victimization in Adolescence

relationships in adolescence, primarily friendships and bullying. In addition, he conducts research on the gene-environment interplay in relation to adolescent adjustment. Geertjan Overbeek is Assistant

Stability in Bullying and Victimization and its Association with Social Adjustment in Childhood and Adolescence

, social relationships in adolescence, adolescent development and adjustment. Geertjan Overbeek: Area of interest: adolescent attachment, social and romantic relationships. Raymond A. T. de Kemp: Area of