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A subleading operator basis and matching for gg → H

The Soft Collinear Effective Theory (SCET) is a powerful framework for studying factorization of amplitudes and cross sections in QCD. While factorization at leading power has been well studied, much less is known at subleading powers in the λ ≪ 1 expansion. In SCET subleading soft and collinear corrections to a hard scattering process are described by power suppressed operators...

The Higgs transverse momentum spectrum with finite quark masses beyond leading order

We apply the leading-log high-energy resummation technique recently derived by some of us to the transverse momentum distribution for production of a Higgs boson in gluon fusion. We use our results to obtain information on mass-dependent corrections to this observable, which is only known at leading order when exact mass dependence is included. In the low p T region we discuss...