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Benchmarks for dark matter searches at the LHC

We propose some scenarios to pursue dark matter searches at the LHC in a fairly model-independent way. The first benchmark case is dark matter co-annihilations with coloured particles (gluinos or squarks being special examples). We determine the masses that lead to the correct thermal relic density including, for the first time, strong Sommerfeld corrections taking into account...

Direct CP violation in charm and flavor mixing beyond the SM

AbstractWe analyze possible interpretations of the recent LHCb evidence for CP violation in D meson decays in terms of physics beyond the Standard Model. On general grounds, models in which the primary source of flavor violation is linked to the breaking of chiral symmetry (left-right flavor mixing) are natural candidates to explain this effect, via enhanced chromomagnetic...

Flavourful production at hadron colliders

We ask what new states may lie at or below the TeV scale, with sizable flavour-dependent couplings to light quarks, putting them within reach of hadron colliders via resonant production, or in association with Standard Model states. In particular, we focus on the compatibility of such states with stringent flavour-changing neutral current and electric-dipole moment constraints...