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Acid-free glyoxal as a substitute of formalin for structural and molecular preservation in tissue samples

: Gianni Bussolati, Anna Sapino, Caterina Marchiò. 14 / 16 Data curation: Gianni Bussolati, Laura Annaratone, Enrico Berrino, Umberto Miglio, Mara Panero, Marco Cupo, Patrizia Gugliotta, Tiziana Venesio ... , Caterina Marchiò. Investigation: Gianni Bussolati, Laura Annaratone, Enrico Berrino, Umberto Miglio, Mara Panero, Marco Cupo, Patrizia Gugliotta, Tiziana Venesio. Methodology: Gianni Bussolati, Tiziana

Search for Neuro-Endocrine Markers (Chromogranin A, Synaptophysin and VGF) in Breast Cancers. An integrated Approach Using Immunohistochemistry and Gene Expression Profiling

Discordant data are reported in the literature on the definition, incidence and clinical features of neuroendocrine (NE) carcinomas of the breast. This tumour entity is currently assessed by immunohistochemistry (IHC) detecting “general” NE markers such as chromogranin A (CHGA) and synaptophysin (SYP), but other markers have been considered as well. In the present study, in ...

Formalin Fixation at Low Temperature Better Preserves Nucleic Acid Integrity

Fixation with formalin, a widely adopted procedure to preserve tissue samples, leads to extensive degradation of nucleic acids and thereby compromises procedures like microarray-based gene expression profiling. We hypothesized that RNA fragmentation is caused by activation of RNAses during the interval between formalin penetration and tissue fixation. To prevent RNAse activation, a ...

Differences and homologies of chromosomal alterations within and between breast cancer cell lines: a clustering analysis

Background The MCF7 (ER+/HER2-), T47D (ER+/HER2-), BT474 (ER+/HER2+) and SKBR3 (ER-/HER2+) breast cancer cell lines are widely used in breast cancer research as paradigms of the luminal and HER2 phenotypes. Although they have been subjected to cytogenetic analysis, their chromosomal abnormalities have not been carefully characterized, and their differential cytogenetic profiles ...

A Collection of Primary Tissue Cultures of Tumors from Vacuum Packed and Cooled Surgical Specimens: A Feasibility Study

Primary cultures represent an invaluable tool to set up functional experimental conditions; however, creation of tissue cultures from solid tumors is troublesome and often unproductive. Several features can affect the success rate of primary cultures, including technical issues from pre-analytical procedures employed in surgical theaters and pathology laboratories. We have recently ...