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NMR structure of a parallel-stranded DNA duplex at atomic resolution

DNA dodecamers have been designed with two cytosines on each end and intervening A and T stretches, such that the oligomers have fully complementary A:T base pairs when aligned in the parallel orientation. Spectroscopic (UV, CD and IR), NMR and molecular dynamics studies have shown that oligomers having the sequences d(CCATAATTTACC) and d(CCTATTAAATCC) form a parallel-stranded...

A novel palindromic triple-stranded structure formed by homopyrimidine dodecamer d-CTTCTCCTCTTC and homopurine hexamer d-GAAGAG

We have carried out NMR and molecular mechanics studies on a complex formed when a palindromic homopyrimidine dodecamer (d-CTTCTCCTCTTC) and a homopurine hexamer (d-GAAGAG) are mixed in 1:1 molar ratio in aqueous solutions. Such studies unequivocally establish that two strands of each oligomer combine to form a triple-stranded DNA structure with a palindromic symmetry and with...