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Type IIA Klebanov-Strassler: the hard way

AbstractWe construct the T-dual of the Klebanov-Strassler solution on a small region at the tip of the deformed conifold. The isometry coordinate we choose is the correct one to obtain an NS5 brane wrapping a holomorphic curve in Type IIA, as shown by a thorough analysis of the deformed conifold geometry. The shape of the locus wrapped by the NS5 brane matches the predictions...

Instabilities of microstate geometries with antibranes

One can obtain very large classes of horizonless microstate geometries corresponding to near-extremal black holes by placing probe supertubes whose action has metastable minima inside certain supersymmetric bubbling solutions [1]. We show that these minima can lower their energy when the bubbles move in certain directions in the moduli space, which implies that these near...

Metastability in bubbling AdS space

We study the dynamics of probe M5 branes with dissolved M2 charge in bubbling geometries with SO(4) × SO(4) symmetry. These solutions were constructed by Bena-Warner and Lin-Lunin-Maldacena and correspond to the vacua of the maximally supersymmetric mass-deformed M2 brane theory. We find that supersymmetric probe M2 branes polarize into M5 brane shells whose backreaction creates...