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Centrally extended BMS4 Lie algebroid

We explicitly show how the field dependent 2-cocycle that arises in the current algebra of 4 dimensional asymptotically flat spacetimes can be used as a central extension to turn the BMS4 Lie algebra, or more precisely, the BMS4 action Lie algebroid, into a genuine Lie algebroid with field dependent structure functions. Both a BRST formulation, where the extension appears as a...

Finite BMS transformations

The action of finite BMS and Weyl transformations on the gravitational data at null infinity is worked out in three and four dimensions in the case of an arbitrary conformal factor for the boundary metric induced on Scri.

Super-BMS3 invariant boundary theory from three-dimensional flat supergravity

The two-dimensional super-BMS3 invariant theory dual to three-dimensional asymptotically flat \( \mathcal{N}=1 \) supergravity is constructed. It is described by a constrained or gauged chiral Wess-Zumino-Witten action based on the super-Poincaré algebra in the Hamiltonian, respectively the Lagrangian formulation, whose reduced phase space description corresponds to a...

Notes on the BMS group in three dimensions: II. Coadjoint representation

The coadjoint representation of the BMS3 group, which governs the covariant phase space of three-dimensional asymptotically flat gravity, is investigated. In particular, we classify coadjoint BMS3 orbits and show that intrinsic angular momentum is free of supertranslation ambiguities. Finally, we discuss the link with induced representations upon geometric quantization.

Notes on the BMS group in three dimensions: I. Induced representations

Glenn Barnich 0 Blagoje Oblak 0 0 Physique Theorique et Mathematique, Universite Libre de Bruxelles and International Solvay Institutes , Campus Plaine C.P. 231, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium The

Asymptotic symmetries and dynamics of three-dimensional flat supergravity

A consistent set of asymptotic conditions for the simplest supergravity theory without cosmological constant in three dimensions is proposed. The canonical generators associated to the asymptotic symmetries are shown to span a supersymmetric extension of the BMS3 algebra with an appropriate central charge. The energy is manifestly bounded from below with the ground state given by...