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Measuring Soil Electrical Conductivity to Delineate Zones of Variability in Production Fields

Production fields in southeast Kansas are highly variable. Differences in elevation and changes in soil texture contribute to unevenness in plant-available moisture and nutrients, resulting in significant inconsistencies in crop production and yield within a field. These variabilities complicate management and impact the return on investments from different areas of the field. ...

2015 Soybean Production in Southeast Kansas

Crop performance and yield varies as a function of the growing environment and soil properties within the field. Optimal soybean planting in southeast Kansas usually occurs from mid-May to mid-June for full-season or late-June to early-July for doublecropped soybean. Planting is timed to capture fall rains and cooler temperatures during critical periods of bean development and ...

Soil Microbial Activity with Depth in Claypan Soils of Southeast Kansas

of soil. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Authors C. J. Hsiao, Gretchen Sassenrath, Charles Rice, L. Zeglin, and G. Hettiarachchi