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Simplified TeV leptophilic dark matter in light of DAMPE data

Abstract Using a simplified framework, we attempt to explain the recent DAMPE cosmic e+ + e− flux excess by leptophilic Dirac fermion dark matter (LDM). The scalar (Φ0) and vector (Φ1) mediator fields connecting LDM and Standard Model particles are discussed. We find that the couplings P ⊗ S, P ⊗ P , V ⊗ A and V ⊗ V can produce the right bump in e+ + e− flux for a DM mass around...

Resonant Higgs pair production as a probe of stop at the LHC

Searching for top squark (stop) is a crucial task of the LHC. When the flavor conserving two body decays of the stop are kinematically forbidden, the stops produced near the threshold will live long enough to form bound states which subsequently decay through annihilation into the Standard Model (SM) final states. In the region of stop mixing angle \( {\theta}_{\tilde{t}}\to 0...

Leptonic mono-top from single stop production at the LHC

Top squark (stop) can be produced via QCD interaction but also the electroweak interaction at the LHC. In this paper, we investigate the observability of the associated production of stop and chargino, \( pp\to {\tilde{t}}_1{\tilde{\chi}}_{\overline{1}} \), in compressed electroweakino scenarios at 14 TeV LHC. Due to small mass splitting between the lightest neutralino...