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Effect of differentiation on microRNA expression in bovine skeletal muscle satellite cells by deep sequencing

Tong Ya Hui Wang Shu Feng Li Yun Qin Yan Guang Peng Li Background: The differentiation of skeletal muscle-derived satellite cells (MDSCs) is important in controlling muscle growth, improving livestock

TFIIB Co-Localizes and Interacts with α-Tubulin during Oocyte Meiosis in the Mouse and Depletion of TFIIB Causes Arrest of Subsequent Embryo Development

TFIIB (transcription factor IIB) is a transcription factor that provides a bridge between promoter-bound TFIID and RNA polymerase II, and it is a target of various transcriptional activator proteins that stimulate the pre-initiation complex assembly. The localization and/or attachment matrix of TFIIB in the cytoplast is not well understood. This study focuses on the function of...

SGO1 Maintains Bovine Meiotic and Mitotic Centromeric Cohesions of Sister Chromatids and Directly Affects Embryo Development

Shugoshin (SGO) is a critical factor that enforces cohesion from segregation of paired sister chromatids during mitosis and meiosis. It has been studied mainly in invertebrates. Knowledge of SGO(s) in a mammalian system has only been reported in the mouse and Hela cells. In this study, the functions of SGO1 in bovine oocytes during meiotic maturation, early embryonic development...