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\(B^*_{s,d} \rightarrow \mu ^+ \mu ^-\) and its impact on \(B_{s,d} \rightarrow \mu ^+ \mu ^-\)

This study investigates \(B^*_{s,d}\rightarrow \mu ^+\mu ^-\) in the dimuon distributions and the hadronic contribution \(B_{s,d}\rightarrow B^*_{s,d}\gamma \rightarrow \mu ^+\mu ^-\). The \(\mu ^+\mu ^-\) decay widths of the vector mesons \(B^*_{s,d}\) are approximately a factor of 700 larger than the corresponding scalar mesons \(B_{s,d}\). The ratio of the branching fractions ...

α s v 2 corrections to η c and χ cJ production recoiled with a photon at e + e − colliders

We consider the production of η c and χ cJ states recoiled with a photon up-to \( \mathcal{O}\left({\alpha}_s{v}^2\right) \) at BESIII and B-factories within the frame of NRQCD factorization. With the corrections, we revisit the numerical calculations to the cross sections for η c (nS) and χ cJ (mP ) states. We argue that the search for XY Z states with even charge conjugation such ...

Search for C = + charmonium and XYZ states in e + e − → γ + H at BESIII

Within the framework of nonrelativistic quantum chromodynamics, we study the production of C = + charmonium states H in e + e − → γ + H at BESIII with H = ηc(nS) (n = 1, 2, 3, and 4), χ cJ (nP) (n = 1, 2, and 3), and 1 D 2(nD) (n = 1 and 2). The radiative and relativistic corrections are calculated to next-to-leading order for S and P wave states. We then argue that the search for ...