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Science and industry evolution: evidence from the first 50 years of the German laser industry

Industry evolution is driven by innovation. Scientific research is an important source of innovation-relevant knowledge. To trace its impact on industry evolution, we follow the entry and exit of firms from various backgrounds over the first five decades of the German laser industry. We find that academic startups became increasingly competitive after substantial changes were...

Universities and sustainable regional development: introduction to the special issue

group meetings and benefited from the helpful comments of the other group members. 2 The articles in this special issue The contribution by Johannes Koenig, Thomas Brenner and Guido Buenstorf (this

Regional effects of university funding: Excellence at the cost of regional disparity?

We investigate regional repercussions of the recent shift toward focusing academic excellence in German science policy. We find that the regional concentration of merit-based public research funding has increased since the late 1990s. However, it is challenging to identify the characteristics of winning and losing regions. There is some evidence indicative of advantages for...

Editorial: the two sides of innovation

, Germany 1 Guido Buenstorf , Uwe Cantner, Horst Hanusch, Hans-Walter Lorenz, Fritz Rahmeyer The opening up of new markets, foreign or domestic, and the organizational development from the craft shop and ... the results in basic science, i.e. academic inventions, into economic usage is addressed in Not invented here: technology licensing, knowledge transfer and innovation based on public research by Guido

B2C—bubble to cluster: the dot-com boom, spin-off entrepreneurship, and regional agglomeration

This article studies entrepreneurial activities emerging out of one of Germany’s most prominent dot-com firms, Intershop, a maker of e-commerce software. We show that Intershop spawned about 40 new ventures. Most spin-offs entered locally, giving rise to a small but growing software cluster and counteracting the job losses that accompanied the parent firm’s drastic downsizing...