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Flavour anomalies after the R K ∗ measurement

The LHCb measurement of the μ/e ratio R K ∗ indicates a deficit with respect to the Standard Model prediction, supporting earlier hints of lepton universality violation observed in the R K ratio. We show that the R K and R K ∗ ratios alone constrain the chiralities of the states contributing to these anomalies, and we find deviations from the Standard Model at the 4σ level. This...

An étude on global vacuum energy sequester

Recently two of the authors proposed a mechanism of vacuum energy sequester as a means of protecting the observable cosmological constant from quantum radiative corrections. The original proposal was based on using global Lagrange multipliers, but later a local formulation was provided. Subsequently other interesting claims of a different non-local approach to the cosmological...

D-brane scattering and annihilation

We study the dynamics of parallel brane-brane and brane-antibrane scattering in string theory in flat spacetime, focusing on the pair production of open strings that stretch between the branes. We are particularly interested in the case of scattering at small impact parameter b < l s , where there is a tachyon in the spectrum when a brane and an antibrane approach within a string...