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Indacaterol and glycopyrronium versus indacaterol on body plethysmography measurements in COPD—a randomised controlled study

), Thomas Sigrist (TS), Jean-Georges Frey (J-GF), Guido Domenighetti (GD) and Daiana Stolz (DS), Alexander J. Turk (AT), Andrea Azzola (AA), Ulrich Schmidt (US) and Martin Brutsche (MB) have no conflict of ... Domenighetti 0 Jean-Georges Frey 7 Alexander J. Turk 6 Andrea Azzola 5 Thomas Sigrist 4 Jean-William Fitting 9 Ulrich Schmidt 8 Thomas Geiser 2 Corinne Wild 11 Konstantinos Kostikas 12 Andreas Clemens 12 Martin

Weaning from intravenous prostanoids and normalization of hemodynamics by long-term imatinib therapy in severe idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension

Introduction Despite new treatment options targeted at its three main pathogenic pathways, prognosis of idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension has remained dismal, with 3-year survival rates around 70 %. Antiproliferative agents have emerged as a new therapeutic concept. However, they may exert their effects only after a prolonged period of time. Case description Herein we...

Adverse event reporting in adult intensive care units and the impact of a multifaceted intervention on drug-related adverse events

Background Adverse events (AEs) frequently occur in intensive care units (ICUs) and affect negatively patient outcomes. Targeted improvement strategies for patient safety are difficult to evaluate because of the intrinsic limitations of reporting crude AE rates. Single interventions influence positively the quality of care, but a multifaceted approach has been tested only in...

Comparison of two non-bronchoscopic methods for evaluating inflammation in patients with acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure

Introduction The simple bedside method for sampling undiluted distal pulmonary edema fluid through a normal suction catheter (s-Cath) has been experimentally and clinically validated. However, there are no data comparing non-bronchoscopic bronchoalveolar lavage (mini-BAL) and s-Cath for assessing lung inflammation in acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure. We designed a prospective...