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Variable Chandler and Annual Wobbles in Earth’s Polar Motion During 1900–2015

The Chandler wobble (CW) and annual wobble (AW) are the two main components of polar motion, which are difficult to separate because of their very close periods. In the light of Fourier dictionary and basis pursuit method, a Fourier basis pursuit (FBP) spectrum is developed, which can reduce spectral smearing and leakage caused by the finite length of the time series. Further, a...

Prediction CH4 Emissions from the Wetlands in the Sanjiang Plain of Northeastern China in the 21st Century

The Sanjiang Plain has been experienced significant wetland loss due to expanded agricultural activities, and will be potentially restored by the China National Wetland Conservation Action Plan (NWCP) in future. The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of future climate warming and wetland restoration on wetland CH4 emissions in northeast China. We used an atmosphere...

Impacts of Agricultural Management and Climate Change on Future Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in North China Plain

Dynamics of cropland soil organic carbon (SOC) in response to different management practices and environmental conditions across North China Plain (NCP) were studied using a modeling approach. We identified the key variables driving SOC changes at a high spatial resolution (10 km×10 km) and long time scale (90 years). The model used future climatic data from the FGOALS model...

Long-term polar motion prediction using normal time–frequency transform

Xiaoqing Su Lintao Liu Hsu Houtse Guocheng Wang This paper presents normal time-frequency transform (NTFT) application in harmonic/quasi-harmonic signal prediction. Particularly, we use the normal

Modeling Soil Organic Carbon Change across Australian Wheat Growing Areas, 1960–2010

Soil organic carbon (SOC) dynamics in Australian wheat-growing areas were simulated from 1960 to 2010 using Agro-C, a calibrated and validated biogeophysical model. Previously published data from field measurements were used to parameterize the Agro-C model. Model simulations show a decreasing trend in SOC over the last 50 years, mainly attributable to relatively low organic...

Morphological Background Detection and Illumination Normalization of Text Image with Poor Lighting

In this paper, some morphological transformations are used to detect the unevenly illuminated background of text images characterized by poor lighting, and to acquire illumination normalized result. Based on morphologic Top-Hat transform, the uneven illumination normalization algorithm has been carried out, and typically verified by three procedures. The first procedure employs...

Nanostructured glass–ceramic coatings for orthopaedic applications

Guocheng Wang Zufu Lu Xuanyong Liu Xiaming Zhou Chuanxian Ding Hala Zreiqat () 0 Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Shanghai 200050, People's Republic of China 1

Plasma-sprayed CaTiSiO5 ceramic coating on Ti-6Al-4V with excellent bonding strength, stability and cellular bioactivity

Chengtie Wu Yogambha Ramaswamy Xuanyong Liu Guocheng Wang Hala Zreiqat () 0 Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences , 1295 Dingxi Road, Shanghai 200050, People's Republic of China