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Cosmic flows: University of Hawaii 2.2-m I-band photometry

Within the ‘Cosmic Flows’ project, I-band photometry of 524 relatively nearby galaxies has been carried out over the course of several years with the University of Hawaii 2.2-m telescope and a camera with a 7.5-arcmin field of view. The primary scientific goal was to provide global magnitudes and inclinations for galaxies for the purpose of measuring distances through the...

Cosmic Flows: Green Bank Telescope and Parkes H i observations

The neutral hydrogen properties of 1822 galaxies are being studied with the Green Bank 100-m and the Parkes 64-m telescopes as part of the ‘Cosmic Flows’ programme. Observed parameters include systemic velocities, profile linewidths and integrated fluxes. The linewidth information can be combined with the optical and infrared photometry to obtain distances. The 1822 H i...