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Tests of the Stability of Chinese RhFe Resistance Thermometers at Low Temperatures

. Lipin´ski , H. Manuszkiewicz , P. Qiu , J.T. Zhang , P. Lin , X.W. Li , Int . J. Thermophys. 29 , 51 ( 2008 ) 10. L. Lipin´ski, A. Szmyrka-Grzebyk , P. Lin , X.W. Li , H. Manuszkiewicz , D. Jancewicz , A

Comparison of the Argon Triple-Point Temperature in Small Cells of Different Construction

. Rouillé, J.-P. Thermeau , D. Truong , F. Galet , Y. Hermier , Int. J. Thermophys . 32 , 201 ( 2011 ) 7. A. Szmyrka-Grzebyk , L. Lipin´ski, H. Manuszkiewicz , A. Kowal , A. Grykałowska , D. Jancewicz , Int

Argon Triple-Point Device for Calibration of SPRTs

B. Koodziej H. Manuszkiewicz A. Szmyrka-Grzebyk L. Lipi nski A. Kowal P. P. M. Steur F. Pavese This paper presents an apparatus for the calibration of long-stem platinum resistance thermometers at

Measuring Systems for Thermometer Calibration in Low-Temperature Range

The national temperature standard for the low-temperature range between 13.8033 K and 273.16 K has been established in Poland at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research (INTiBS). The standard consists of sealed cells for realization of six fixed points of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) in the low-temperature range, an adiabatic cryostat and...