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Warm inflation with an oscillatory inflaton in the non-minimal kinetic coupling model

In the cold inflation scenario, the slow roll inflation and reheating via coherent rapid oscillation, are usually considered as two distinct eras. When the slow roll ends, a rapid oscillation phase begins and the inflaton decays to relativistic particles reheating the Universe. In another model dubbed warm inflation, the rapid oscillation phase is suppressed, and we are left with ...

Parameterized post-Newtonian approximation in a teleparallel model of dark energy with a boundary term

We study the parameterized post-Newtonian approximation in teleparallel model of gravity with a scalar field. The scalar field is non-minimally coupled to the scalar torsion as well as to the boundary term introduced in Bahamonde and Wright (Phys Rev D 92:084034 arXiv:​1508.​06580v4 [gr-qc], 2015). We show that, in contrast to the case where the scalar field is only coupled to the ...

Temperature in warm inflation in non-minimal kinetic coupling model

Warm inflation in the non-minimal derivative coupling model with a general dissipative coefficient is considered. We investigate the conditions for the existence of the slow roll approximation and study cosmological perturbations. The spectral index and the power spectrum are calculated and the temperature of the universe at the end of the slow roll warm inflation is obtained.