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Justice in Post-Conflict Settings: Islamic Law and Muslim Communities as Stakeholders in Transition

close Hamid Khan Adjunct Professor, University of South Carolina, US X close Abstract This essay is one of the first collaborative efforts to identify the underlying norms embedded

Unsteady Squeezing Flow of Casson Fluid with Magnetohydrodynamic Effect and Passing through Porous Medium

Copyright © 2016 Hamid Khan et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium

Deciphering the Divine: An Unmasking of Islamic Law

); See also Hamid Khan, Practitioner’s Guide: Islamic Law, INTERNATIONAL NETWORK TO PROMOTE THE RULE OF LAW 16 (2013) [hereinafter Islamic Law Guide], available at ... remains 6. See Hamid Khan, Nothing is Written, Reformism, Revivalism and the Fate of Islamic Law, 273 MICH. J. INT’L L. 277 (2003) (contrasting shari’a, which is textually based, to less enumerated

Solutions with Wright functions for time fractional convection flow near a heated vertical plate

We investigate the unsteady flow of a viscous fluid near a vertical heated plate. The momentum and energy equations are considered as fractional differential equations with respect to the time t. Solutions of the initial-boundary values problem are determined by means of the Laplace transform technique and are represented by means of the Wright functions. The fundamental solution...

Flows with Slip of Oldroyd-B Fluids over a Moving Plate

A general investigation has been made and analytic solutions are provided corresponding to the flows of an Oldroyd-B fluid, under the consideration of slip condition at the boundary. The fluid motion is generated by the flat plate which has a translational motion in its plane with a time-dependent velocity. The adequate integral transform approach is employed to find analytic...

Application of Daftardar Jafari Method to First Grade MHD Squeezing Fluid Flow in a Porous Medium with Slip Boundary Condition

In the present work, in the presence of magnetic field and with slip boundary condition, squeezing flow of a Newtonian fluid in a porous medium between two large parallel plates is investigated. The governing equations are transformed to a single nonlinear boundary value problem. Daftardar Jafari Method (DJM) is used to solve the problem in order to obtain the velocity profile of...

Modeling and Analysis of Unsteady Axisymmetric Squeezing Fluid Flow through Porous Medium Channel with Slip Boundary

The aim of this article is to model and analyze an unsteady axisymmetric flow of non-conducting, Newtonian fluid squeezed between two circular plates passing through porous medium channel with slip boundary condition. A single fourth order nonlinear ordinary differential equation is obtained using similarity transformation. The resulting boundary value problem is solved using...

Analysis of Unsteady Axisymmetric Squeezing Fluid Flow with Slip and No-Slip Boundaries Using OHAM

In this manuscript, An unsteady axisymmetric flow of nonconducting, Newtonian fluid squeezed between two circular plates is studied with slip and no-slip boundaries. Using similarity transformation, the system of nonlinear partial differential equations is reduced to a single fourth order ordinary differential equation. The resulting boundary value problems are solved by optimal...

Identification of miRNAs during mouse postnatal ovarian development and superovulation

Background MicroRNAs are small noncoding RNAs that play critical roles in regulation of gene expression in wide array of tissues including the ovary through sequence complementarity at post-transcriptional level. Tight regulation of multitude of genes involved in ovarian development and folliculogenesis could be regulated at transcription level by these miRNAs. Therefore, tissue...

Approximation of First Grade MHD Squeezing Fluid Flow with Slip Boundary Condition Using DTM and OHAM

A steady two-dimensional axisymmetric flow of an incompressible viscous fluid under the influence of a uniform transverse magnetic field with slip boundary condition is studied. An ordinary nonlinear differential equation is formed by transforming the Navier-Stokes equations using the transformation . Differential transform and optimal homotopy analysis methods have been used to...

Comparison of Different Analytic Solutions to Axisymmetric Squeezing Fluid Flow between Two Infinite Parallel Plates with Slip Boundary Conditions

Emerging Sciences, Peshawar 25100, Pakistan Received 3 August 2011; Revised 6 October 2011; Accepted 6 October 2011 Academic Editor: Ahmet Yıldırım Copyright © 2012 Hamid Khan et al. This is an open

The Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for the Solution of Higher-Order Boundary Value Problems in Finite Domains

We solve some higher-order boundary value problems by the optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM). The proposed method is capable to handle a wide variety of linear and nonlinear problems effectively. The numerical results given by OHAM are compared with the exact solutions and the solutions obtained by Adomian decomposition (ADM), variational iteration (VIM), homotopy...

An Axisymmetric Squeezing Fluid Flow between the Two Infinite Parallel Plates in a Porous Medium Channel

The flow between two large parallel plates approaching each other symmetrically in a porous medium is studied. The Navier-Stokes equations have been transformed into an ordinary nonlinear differential equation using a transformation ?(?,?)=?2?(?). Solution to the problem is obtained by using differential transform method (DTM) by varying different Newtonian fluid parameters and...

Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Caused by Streptococcus suis Serotype 2

, Xiaowei He, Feng Gao, and Abdul Hamid Khan analyzed the data. Jiaqi Tang, Youjun Feng, and George F. Gao wrote the paper. & Background. Streptococcus suis (S. suis) is a bacterium that causes disease in