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Determining the Territorial Scope of State Law in Interstate and International Conflicts: Comments on the Draft Restatement (Third) and on the Role of Party Autonomy

DETERMINING THE TERRITORIAL SCOPE OF STATE LAW IN INTERSTATE AND INTERNATIONAL CONFLICTS: COMMENTS ON THE DRAFT RESTATEMENT (THIRD) AND ON THE ROLE OF PARTY AUTONOMY HANNAH L. BUXBAUM 0 1 0 ... Copyright © 2017 Hannah L. Buxbaum 1 Professor and John E. Schiller Chair, Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Many thanks to Bill Dodge , Ralf Michaels, Symeon Symeonides, and Carlos Vázquez for their

Foreign Governments as Plaintiffs in U.S. Courts and the Case Against “Judicial Imperialism”

One consequence of the increasingly transnational nature of civil litigation is that U.S. courts must frequently address the interests of foreign sovereigns. These interactions arise primarily in three contexts: when a foreign government is the defendant in a U.S. court; when a claim requires a U.S. court to scrutinize actions taken by a foreign government; and when a U.S. court...

Class Actions, Conflict and the Global Economy

Economy' HANNAH L. BUXBAUM* The development of the global economy - in the sense of interconnected markets for consumer products, for investment capital, and for labor - has necessitated the development ... ), Vol. 622, at 78 (providing an overview of such mechanisms in different European nations). 6. See generally Hannah L. Buxbaum, Defining the Function and Scope of Group Litigation: The Role of Class

Remedies for Foreign Investors Under U.S. Federal Securities

REMEDIES FOR FOREIGN INVESTORS UNDER U.S. FEDERAL SECURITIES LAW HANNAH L. BUXBAUM 0 1 0 Copyright © 2012 by Hannah L. Buxbaum. This article is also available at 1 Executive Associate Dean for ... law that are themselves the subject of significant criticism in many 5. For a review of these “foreign-cubed” cases, see Hannah L. Buxbaum, Multinational Class Actions Under Federal Securities Law

Jurisdictional Conflict in Global Antitrust Enforcement

-availability of treble damages. See Hannah L. Buxbaum, The Private Attorney General in a Global Age: Public Interests in Private InternationalAntitrust Litigation, 26 YALE J. INT'L L. 219 (2001). See also infra

The Private Attorney General in a Global Age: Public Interests in Private International Antitrust Litigation

The private attorney general is a creature of domestic law, designed to assist government agencies in enforcing various statutes through private causes of action. As the growth in transnational commerce has necessitated the more frequent application of those statutes in international settings, the private attorney general has come to play a role on the global stage as well. This...