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Fundamentals of Liquid Processing in Low Earth Orbit: From Thermophysical Properties to Microstructure Formation in Metallic Alloys

Materials science, as an interdisciplinary field with significant attention paid to nanoscience and nanotechnology in recent years, is generally concerned with the synthesis, atomic structure, chemical element distribution and various favorable properties of solid materials and structures. While solid-state processing conditions are generally insensitive to gravity effects...

Surface Tension and Viscosity of the Ni-Based Superalloys LEK94 and CMSX-10 Measured by the Oscillating Drop Method on Board a Parabolic Flight

The surface tension and viscosity of the Ni-based superalloys LEK94 and CMSX-10 were measured by the oscillating drop method in a containerless electromagnetic processing device on board a parabolic flight airplane. Surface oscillations were recorded by 150 and 200 Hz frame rate digital cameras positioned in two perpendicular directions and by the inductive coupling between the...