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Exploring the anomalous top–Higgs FCNC couplings at the electron proton colliders

We perform an updated analysis on the searches for the anomalous FCNC Yukawa interactions between the top quark, the Higgs boson, and either an up or charm quark \({{tqh,\ q=u,\ c}}\)). We probe the observability of the FCNC top–Higgs couplings through the processes \({e^- p\rightarrow \nu _{\mathrm{e}} }\bar{{t}} \rightarrow \nu _{\mathrm{e}} h \bar{{q}}\) signal I) and \(e^- p...

Steering Charge Kinetics of Tin Niobate Photocatalysts: Key Roles of Phase Structure and Electronic Structure

Tin niobate photocatalysts with the phase structures of froodite (SnNb2O6) and pyrochlore (Sn2Nb2O7) were obtained by a facile solvothermal method in order to explore the impact of phase structure and electronic structure on the charge kinetics and photocatalytic performance. By employing tin niobate as a model compound, the effects of phase structure over electronic structure...

Epigenetic Regulations in Neural Stem Cells and Neurological Diseases

Among the regulatory mechanisms of the renewal and differentiation of neural stem cells, recent evidences support that epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation, histone modification, and noncoding RNAs play critical roles in the regulation on the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells. In this review, we discussed recent advances of DNA modifications on...

Simulation Analysis and Experimental Study on Strength Optimization of a Plug-In Oil Hose Joint

–4, Qixin Zhang designed experiments, Dongmei Zhang assisted with Illumina sequencing, and Yongjie Niu and Hao Sun analyzed the experimental results. All authors reviewed the manuscript

mTFkb: a knowledgebase for fundamental annotation of mouse transcription factors

Huating Wang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Hao Sun in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions Conceived of the study: K.S. Analyzed the data ... Huating Wang or Hao Sun. supplementary material Supplementary informationdatasetS1datasetS2 Rights and permissions Open Access This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Enhanced thermoelectric performance of Na-doped PbTe synthesized under high pressure

Despite an effective p-type dopant for PbTe, the low solubility of Na limits the fully optimization of thermoelectric properties of Na-doped PbTe. In this work, Na-doped PbTe was synthesized under high pressure. The formation of the desired rocksalt phase with substantially increased Na content leads to a high carrier concentration of 3.2×1020 cm−3 for Na0.03Pb0.97Te. Moreover...

A Fault Diagnosis Method for Oil Well Pump Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network Combined with Modified Genetic Algorithm

This paper presents a new method to diagnose oil well pump faults using a modified radial basis function neural network. With the development of submersible linear motor technology, rodless pumping units have been widely used in oil exploration. However, the ground indicator diagram method cannot be used to diagnose the working conditions of rodless pumping units because it is...

Steam distillation/drop-by-drop extraction with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry for fast determination of volatile components in jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) extract

BackgroundJujube extract is commonly used as a food additive and flavoring. The unique jujube aroma and the mild sweet aroma of the extract are critical factors that determine product quality and affect consumer acceptability. The aroma changes with changes in the extraction condition, which is typically dependent on the characteristics of volatile oils in the extract. Despite...

Searches for the Anomalous FCNC Top-Higgs Couplings with Polarized Electron Beam at the LHeC

Technology, Dalian University of Technology, No. 2 Linggong Road, Dalian, Liaoning 116024, China Correspondence should be addressed to Hao Sun; nc.ude.tuld@nusoah Received 29 September 2016; Revised 2

Searches for the Anomalous FCNC Top-Higgs Couplings with Polarized Electron Beam at the LHeC

Technology, Dalian University of Technology, No. 2 Linggong Road, Dalian, Liaoning 116024, China Correspondence should be addressed to Hao Sun; nc.ude.tuld@nusoah Received 29 September 2016; Revised 2

Polarization-Dependent Quasi-Far-Field Superfocusing Strategy of Nanoring-Based Plasmonic Lenses

The two-dimensional superfocusing of nanoring-based plasmonic lenses (NRPLs) beyond the diffraction limit in the far-field region remains a great challenge at optical wavelengths. In this paper, in addition to the modulation of structural parameters, we investigated the polarization-dependent focusing performance of a NRPL employing the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method...

Efficient Active Sensing with Categorized Further Explorations for a Home Behavior-Monitoring Robot

Mobile robotics is a potential solution to home behavior monitoring for the elderly. For a mobile robot in the real world, there are several types of uncertainties for its perceptions, such as the ambiguity between a target object and the surrounding objects and occlusions by furniture. The problem could be more serious for a home behavior-monitoring system, which aims to...

The efficacy of mycophenolate mofetil in treating Takayasu arteritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

authors. Conflict of interest Author Danping Dai, Author Haiying Jin, Author Yangyang Wang, Author Yiyang Mao, and Author Hao Sun declare that they have no conflict of interest. This study was not

Numerical simulation study on monoblock casting process of ultra-slender structural components and experimental validation

-dong Zeng, Hao Sun, Jia-yun Chen , and Xian-fei Wang Shanghai Spaceflight Precision Machinery Institute , Shanghai 201600 , China Substrate, a typical ultra-slender aluminum alloy structural components

Prognostic role of copeptin with all-cause mortality after heart failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Prognostic role of copeptin with all-cause mortality after heart failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis Peng Zhang, Xiaomei Wu, Guangxiao Li, Hao Sun, Jingpu Shi Department of Clinical

Large extra dimension effects through light-by-light scattering at the CERN LHC

Hao Sun 0 0 Institute of Theoretical Physics, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Technology, Dalian University of Technology , Dalian 116024, People's Republic of China Observing light-by-light

Threat Degree Analysis of the Multi-targets in Naval Gun

For solving the problem of the multi-targets threat from the air, this paper analyzes the threat degree of many kinds of different moving stages in naval gun system. The authors analyze the drawbacks of previous methods and provide a new analytical model which is based on the theory of grey correlation and correlation coefficient. Using the new mathematical threat degree analysis...

Defective autophagy leads to the suppression of stem-like features of CD271 + osteosarcoma cells

Background As an important stress-response mechanism, autophagy plays crucial role in the tumor formation and drug resistance of cancer cells including osteosarcoma (OS). OS cancer stem cells (CSCs) also are considered a key factor of tumorigenesis, drug resistance and tumor recurrence. However, the relationship between autophagy and OS CSCs still remains unclear. Methods CD271...

Meta-Analysis of EMT Datasets Reveals Different Types of EMT

As a critical process during embryonic development, cancer progression and cell fate conversions, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) has been extensively studied over the last several decades. To further understand the nature of EMT, we performed meta-analysis of multiple microarray datasets to identify the related generic signature. In this study, 24 human and 17 mouse...

Research on closed-loop supply chain network equilibrium with two-type suppliers, risk-averse manufacturers and capacity constraints

Purpose: the aim of this paper is to investigate the closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) network equilibrium wiht the consideration of three practical factors: two complementary types of suppliers, risk-averse character of the manufacturer and capacity constraints of the suppliers. Design/methodology/approach: The equilibrium of various decision makers including the suppliers, the...