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Investigation of the Vibration Behavior of Fluidelastic Instability in Closely Packed Square Tube Arrays

Flow-induced vibrations in heat exchanger tubes have led to numerous accidents and economic losses in the past. Fluidelastic instability is the most critical flow-induced vibration mechanism in heat exchangers. Both experimental and computational studies conducted to determine fluidelastic instability were presented in this paper. In the experiment, a water channel was built, and...

Automatic Optic Disc Detection in Color Retinal Images by Local Feature Spectrum Analysis

The optic disc is a key anatomical structure in retinal images. The ability to detect optic discs in retinal images plays an important role in automated screening systems. Inspired by the fact that humans can find optic discs in retinal images by observing some local features, we propose a local feature spectrum analysis (LFSA) that eliminates the influence caused by the variable...

Postnatal Development of Microglia-Like Cells in Mouse Cochlea

Province, China Correspondence should be addressed to Tao Yang; moc.anis@lxftgnay and Hao Wu; nc.anis@226oahuw Received 26 January 2018; Revised 9 May 2018; Accepted 9 July 2018; Published 31 July 2018 ... Yongchuan Chai), Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (14DZ2260300 to Hao Wu), and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission—Gaofeng Clinical Medicine Grant (20152519 to Tao Yang

Synthesis and Electrocatalytical Application of Hybrid Pd/Metal Oxides/MWCNTs

The performance of Pd electrocatalysts for formic acid electrooxidation was improved by application of metal oxide-multiwall carbon nanotubes composites as a catalyst support. Hybrid oxides/MWCNTs were synthesized by two different methods: chemical reduction method and impregnation method. Pd based catalysts were synthesized by polyol method on the MWCNTs or oxide/MWCNTs...

Evolutionary Game Algorithm for Image Segmentation

; moc.qq@978936259 Received 1 April 2017; Accepted 18 June 2017; Published 25 July 2017 Academic Editor: Ping Feng Pai Copyright © 2017 Jin Zhong and Hao Wu. This is an open access article distributed

A dual-electrolyte system for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation using CuInS2-In2O3-TiO2 nanotube array thin film

and thin films) for solar energy conversion. Charlene Ng, Jung -Ho Yun, Hui Ling Tan, Hao Wu, Rose Amal, Yun Hau Ng* 摘要 Tang Y , Wang P , Yun JH , et al. Frequency-regulated pulsed electrodeposition of

MADM-based smart parking guidance algorithm

) Conceptualization: Bo Li, Yijian Pei, Hao Wu, Dijiang Huang. Data curation: Bo Li. Formal analysis: Bo Li. Funding acquisition: Bo Li, Hao Wu. Investigation: Bo Li, Dijiang Huang. Methodology: Bo Li, Hao Wu ... , Dijiang Huang. Project administration: Bo Li. Resources: Bo Li, Yijian Pei, Hao Wu, Dijiang Huang. Software: Bo Li. Supervision: Bo Li. Validation: Bo Li, Hao Wu. Visualization: Bo Li. Writing

Gevrey smooth topology is proper to detect normalization under Siegel type small divisor conditions

We shape the results on the formal Gevrey normalization. More precisely, we investigate the better expression of \({{\hat{\alpha }}}\), which makes the formal Gevrey-\({{\hat{\alpha }}}\) coordinates substitution turning the Gevrey-\(\alpha \) smooth vector fields X into their normal forms in several cases. Such results show that the ‘loss’ of the Gevrey smoothness is not always...

A Novel SHLNN Based Robust Control and Tracking Method for Hypersonic Vehicle under Parameter Uncertainty

Hypersonic vehicle is a typical parameter uncertain system with significant characteristics of strong coupling, nonlinearity, and external disturbance. In this paper, a combined system modeling approach is proposed to approximate the actual vehicle system. The state feedback control strategy is adopted based on the robust guaranteed cost control (RGCC) theory, where the Lyapunov...

Comparison of three tools for predicting primary osteoporosis in an elderly male population in Beijing: a cross-sectional study

Comparison of three tools for predicting primary osteoporosis in an elderly male population in Beijing: a cross-sectional study XiaoDong Zhang,1,* JiSheng Lin,1,* Yong Yang,1 Hao Wu,2 Yongjin Li,3

Methane production potential and emission at different water levels in the restored reed wetland of Hangzhou Bay

, Hao Wu, Xiao Ning. Formal analysis: Xuexin Shao, Xuancai Sheng. Funding acquisition: Xuexin Shao, Ming Wu. Investigation: Xuancai Sheng, Hao Wu, Xiao Ning. Methodology: Ming Wu. Supervision: Ming

The toothless pterosaur Jidapterus edentus (Pterodactyloidea: Azhdarchoidea) from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota and its paleoecological implications

suggestions that improved the manuscript. Writing ± original draft: Wen-Hao Wu, Chang-Fu Zhou, Brian Andres. Writing ± review & editing: Wen-Hao Wu, Chang-Fu Zhou, Brian Andres. 29 / 33 14. 30 / 33 Goloboff

An Aerial Video Stabilization Method Based on SURF Feature

The video captured by Micro Aerial Vehicle is often degraded due to unexpected random trembling and jitter caused by wind and the shake of the aerial platform. An approach for stabilizing the aerial video based on SURF feature and Kalman filter is proposed. SURF feature points are extracted in each frame, and the feature points between adjacent frames are matched using Fast...

Transcriptomic analysis of gene expression in mice treated with troxerutin

. Project administration: Shuangshuang Wei, Dayong Wang. Resources: Dayong Wang. Software: Yuerong Wang, Lintao Chen, Hao Wu. 16 / 21 Supervision: Dayong Wang. Validation: Shuangshuang Wei, Yechun Pei, Yibo ... Chen. Visualization: Lintao Chen, Hao Wu. Writing ± original draft: Yuerong Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Yechun Pei, Dayong Wang. 17 / 21 18 / 21 19 / 21 20 / 21 1. Fan SH , Zhang ZF , Zheng YL

Genome-Wide Identification and Transcriptional Expression Analysis of Cucumber Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Family in Response to Various Abiotic Stresses

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) proteins are widely present in the plant kingdom and play important roles in different biological processes. However, little is known about the SOD genes in cucumber. In this study, night SOD genes were identified from cucumber (Cucumis sativus) using bioinformatics-based methods, including 5 Cu/ZnSODs, 3 FeSODs, and 1 MnSOD. Gene structure and motif...

Intersections of SLE Paths: the double and cut point dimension of SLE

We compute the almost-sure Hausdorff dimension of the double points of chordal \(\mathrm {SLE}_\kappa \) for \(\kappa > 4\), confirming a prediction of Duplantier–Saleur (1989) for the contours of the FK model. We also compute the dimension of the cut points of chordal \(\mathrm {SLE}_\kappa \) for \(\kappa > 4\) as well as analogous dimensions for the radial and whole-plane...

ZP2495 Protects against Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Diabetic Mice through Improvement of Cardiac Metabolism and Mitochondrial Function: The Possible Involvement of AMPK-FoxO3a Signal Pathway

Pathway Shuang Li,1,2 Hao Wu,3 Dong Han,4 Mingming Zhang,5 Na Li,4 Weihua Yu,3 Dongdong Sun,4 Zhongchan Sun,4 Sai Ma,4 Erhe Gao,6 Congye Li,4 Min Shen,4 and Feng Cao1 1Department of Cardiology & National ... 19107, USA Correspondence should be addressed to Feng Cao; moc.361@8288oacgnef Shuang Li, Hao Wu, and Dong Han contributed equally to this work. Received 23 April 2017; Revised 23 August 2017; Accepted

Diagnostic efficacy of noninvasive liver fibrosis indexes in predicting portal hypertension in patients with cirrhosis

, Xiaowen Ma, Guangchuan Wang, Hao Wu, Chunqing Zhang. Formal analysis: Le Wang, Yuemin Feng, Xiaowen Ma. Funding acquisition: Qiang Zhu. Investigation: Le Wang, Xiaowen Ma. Methodology: Le Wang, Yuemin ... Feng, Guangchuan Wang, Hao Wu. Project administration: Qiang Zhu. Resources: Le Wang, Yuemin Feng, Xiaowen Ma, Qiang Zhu. Software: Xiaoyu Xie. Validation: Qiang Zhu. Writing ± original draft: Le